How to play music on PowerPoint slide?

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PowerPoint offers the possibility to play audio media in the most popular formats (Wav, Mp3, Wma, etc ...). Music or sound effects will then enhance your presentation or slide show.

Play music on a Powerpoint slide

  1. Select the tab Insertion tape then the group Video and the icon Audio and choose audio on my PC.

  2. In the dialog box, select your audio file.

  3. If you select the slide sound object, a dynamic tab Litterature will appear.

  4. You can now in the tab Litterature configure your music by applying a fade, for example, or ask it to launch automatically when you project your slideshow.

Reading audio media in a presentation allows for example slideshows of your last vacation in the sun but also trigger sound effects during animations. PowerPoint is full of small functions that are often overlooked but which in the end could make your job much more attractive.

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