How to film the screen of your iPhone?

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Recording the screen of your iPhone is one of the features to master on your iPhone to improve productivity and ease of use. Let's see how we do it in new tutorial.

Film your iPhone screen

  1. Open the app Settings.

  2. Open Center de contr么le.

  3. touch Customize orders, then tap the "+" button next to Screen recording.

  4. Open the iPhone Control Center. (Swipe up from the bottom of the screen on iPhone 8 or earlier, or from the top right corner down on iPhone X and later)

  5. Tap the button with a dot surrounded by a circle.

  6. Press the button, or press it more firmly to choose whether or not to activate the microphone. Recording begins 3 seconds after the feature is activated.

  7. To end the recording, simply return to the Control Center and press the same button again. It is also possible to touch the space lit in red in the upper right corner of the iPhone to immediately deactivate the recording.

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