You can turn off autoplay videos on Facebook

Is there anything more painful than autoplaying videos on a web service? I doubt. And if Facebook is no stranger to this practice, it can fortunately be deactivated on the social network.

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Stop automatic videos on Facebook

No need to procrastinate 150 years about autoplaying videos on the web: everyone agrees it's unbearable. To turn off videos from launching on Facebook when you just hover over them, it's simple:

  • On the web version of Facebook, direction " Settings and privacy "At the top right, then" Videos »At the bottom left. There, all you have to do is select " No " in the entrance " Auto-play videos »;
  • On Android / iOS, in " Parameters », direction « Media and contacts " at the bottom. Then press " Auto play "And finally select" Never play videos automatically »;
  • Note that Facebook changes very (too) regularly the organization of its menus, and that the paths indicated above may vary / change for each platform ...

Download :

  • Facebook for Android
  • Facebook for iOS

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