Mio offers a free update for Mio 268 and 269 PNDs

    The update is in advance! Scheduled to be first available in October, the free update providing a new version of the GPS navigation software as well as new digital maps for the Mio 268 and Mio 269 PNDs is now available.

    Thus, if it had first been announced as reserved for free to users of pocket devices who acquired their PND after (or on) July 1st, it appears that this update now seems free for all owners of PND Mio 268 and Mio 269, until November 30th.

    This update, making it possible to switch from a MioMap V1 system to a Mio Map V2 system, allows better management of POI updates, a function allowing to switch automatically from one map to another when navigation from one country to another (Mio 269 only) and finally a more up-to-date graphic interface. In addition, the new digital maps from, (first quarter 2005) are offered while the new version of the GPS navigation software integrated in the PNDs, a clone of MobileNavigator | 5.1, is now also usable.

    Regarding the Mio PNDs, which have a European map, 5 new countries are now proposed, namely the Czech Republic, the Strike, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, in addition to the countries already taken into account in the latest edition of Tele Atlas digital maps.

    Finally, and this is new, the Mio 268 and Mio 269, with ROM version R16 or higher, can now use an optional TMC adapter to manage traffic information in real time. However, this service is advertised as not usable in Spain and England.

    Although offered free of charge, this update cannot be downloaded from the Internet, as the company prefers, probably to avoid piracy risks, to send the new program update CD-ROMs by post. The cost of sending this update will be borne by the user while the latter will have to re-ship the original CD-ROMs to receive the new ones.

    Note also a possibility for owners of Mio 268 in a version with a unique map of Spain, to be able to switch to a European version of digital maps for 49 € uros. This update will also switch to the new MioMap V2 system.

    Finally, it should also be noted that Mio's new PNDs, the Mio 268 Plus and 269 Plus, with a SiRFStar III GPS chip and pre-installed MioMap V2 software, are scheduled to be available for sale in the coming weeks.

    Mio offers a free update for Mio 268 and 269 PNDs

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