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I just did a clean install of Windows 10. But now the computer keeps restarting and I can't freeze it or understand why this is happening. Some advice? I do not think it is a problem caused by overheating also because the PC has recently been turned on and I have never had similar problems ...

When Windows keeps restarting, the first thing you have to try to do is to log into your computer in safe mode. This mode offers options to restore or repair the Windows system (Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP). If you can't even enter safe mode, then you will have to try reinstalling the system with the Windows installation disc, in order to restore everything.

But if you don't want to reinstall Windows in order not to lose the data saved on your computer, you still have two possible solutions:

  1. Recover data from your computer before formatting or reinstalling Windows. To do this we recommend trying the RecoverIT program that we have already described in detail in the following article: how to recover data from a PC that does not start correctly
  2. Create a Windows Recovery CD or USB that can access and repair your PC's Windows system. To do this, we recommend using the Windows Boot Genius program. This program allows you to create a recovery CD or USB (on a working Windows PC) to be used on the PC where Windows keeps restarting to solve the problem.

Below we see how this latter program works. First download the software from the following button. To proceed with the installation and use of the software, it is essential to enter the serial code obtained by purchasing the program license.

How to fix Windows continually restarting problem

Download and install Windows Boot Genius on a working computer and then follow the steps below to fix the windows restarting problem.

Step 1. Burn recovery CD / USB

Prepare a blank CD or USB drive (if not blank, make sure the data has been saved), and insert it into the working computer. Then install and open Windows Boot Genius on the same computer. In the wizard window, you will see the guide on how to create the CD or USB. Follow it and burn your startup disc with just one click.

Step 2. Access your Windows PC via CD / USB

Now, log into the PC where Windows rebooting by itself and boot (PC boot) using the recovery CD (or USB) created in the previous step. To do this:
> Insert the CD or USB drive into your computer and restart it.
> When you hear the boot beep, press F12 immediately to enter the Boot Device menu. The key could also be F2.
> Click Next, select “USB or CDROM Drive”, and you will get a boot menu as follows.

> Click on “Boot from Boot Genius” to restart Windows.

Step 3. Fix "Windows keeps restarting" problem

After the computer restarts, Windows Boot Genius will start automatically. Go to the menu "Windows Rescue"And choose the option"Crash before loading bar". You will see a window with several proposed solutions. Read the solution and follow it to fix Windows restart problem. The program will proceed with the repair in seconds.

When the problem is solved, remove the CD / USB from the PC, and restart the computer normally. You will notice that Windows no longer restarts automatically and continuously.

If you have important data on your computer, it is advisable to first recover them by accessing the DATA RECOVERY section via Windows Live Boot and following the instructions.

Windows keeps restarting problem -

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