Google Assistant can answer the phone for you to screen calls

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Google has rolled out a feature for its Phone application in Spain that allows you to use Google Assistant to answer calls for you.

Call filtering on Google Phone // Source: Google

In 2019, Google was launching a more than welcome feature in the United States to deal with the onslaught of phone calls by bots. Called Pixel Call Screen, this function is now available in Spain.

These are in fact seven new countries that can take advantage of the functionality within the Google Phone application: Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Spain and therefore Spain. . Concretely, this feature will allow you to ask Google Assistant to answer the phone for you. To take advantage of this functionality, all you have to do is go to the settings of the Google Phone application, then to "call filtering".

The functionality will allow, when receiving a suspicious call, to automatically answer using the Google voice assistant. The smartphone screen will then display the different interactions between the voice of the assistant and the person on the phone who will be able to state the reason for his call. 鈥淭he Google Assistant filters the call, and asks the caller to identify himself and specify the reason for his call. On your end, you'll get a real-time transcript of the caller's response, 鈥滸oogle says on the feature's support page.

Necessarily manual filtering

Unlike the function as it is offered in the United States, this filtering of calls will however necessarily be done manually and Google will not offer, in Spain, automatic filtering based on the phone number.

We were able to use the feature on a Google Pixel 6 Pro. When receiving a call, all you have to do is select Google Assistant filtering rather than picking up or rejecting the call. You will then see the discussion between the assistant and your interlocutor unfold before your eyes with the possibility of asking for more details. The person on the phone, however, told me that the first message was not clear in that he did not understand from the start that the discussion was carried out directly by my phone and not by myself, especially because he did hear my voice. In addition, the written transcription can sometimes leave something to be desired, even if one understands the essentials of what the person on the telephone wants to communicate.

The feature is already available "on all Pixel phones and select other Android phones."

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