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Why use a wireless lavalier microphone?

The lavalier microphone is a miniature microphone with a small capsule and a small windshield with a clip that attaches to the speaker's clothing (sometimes a magnetic support is used when the clothing makes it impossible to attach it or it is too fragile). It connects to a transmitter which is usually installed on the belt or in the speaker's pocket and which sends the audio signal to a receiver connected to the camcorder. The transmitter / receiver kit is therefore inseparable from the lavalier microphone for HF (High Frequency) use.

The HF lavalier microphone has several advantages: it allows you to pick up sound from a distance without wiring, but also to free the hands of the speaker to handle an object and to move easily. It is used a lot for conferences, events or reports.

A Sony URX-P2 wireless receiver (UWP-V6 kit) installed on the hot shoe of the Sony HVR-Z5 camcorder.

There are several sets of lavalier microphones. Most manufacturers offer Combo systems consisting of 2 transceivers with 2 lavalier microphones. They are accompanied by Mini-Jack and XLR adapters allowing the use of HF microphones both on professional camcorders (XLR sockets) and general public as long as they have a mini-jack microphone input. The price revolves around 800 euros knowing that the major part of the cost returns to the transmitters / receivers. The microphones supplied are generally inexpensive (30 euros each) and are omnidirectional. Several frequencies are available to avoid interference with other radio transmitters. Power is supplied with AA batteries.


| Contrary to its name, the lavalier microphone is rarely worn on the tie which risks causing friction and which makes the microphone less discreet. |

During filming, there are a few things to check. First, be sure to switch off nearby mobile phones, because ringing waves sometimes interfere with the HF signal during reception. This is the reason why it is strongly recommended to wear a headset during the recording and redo the plug if necessary. Second, check with the headphones that your frequency is free to avoid interference with another transmitter (frequent on the scene of events). Most systems are now equipped with an automatic free frequency search. Third, always check the batteries in transmitters that are easily forgotten. It is also advisable to use rechargeable batteries. Quadro, anticipate the outfit of your interlocutor before recording. Advise him to wear a jacket, shirt or polo shirt if possible to secure the clip more easily. We hardly ever put the microphone on the tie, because it tends to move and rub the microphone. By discretion, ask the person to slip the wire of the microphone under his shirt and to bring it out halfway between two buttons. If she is wearing a t-shirt or fragile clothing, there are also magnetic supports (magnets) that allow the microphone to be placed anywhere on the fabric. Finally, if there are two people side by side (during an interview for example), install the tie microphones on the correct side, because people tend to turn their heads towards their interlocutor. For transmitters, preferably install them on the belt, if not in their jacket pocket. And if it's a woman in a dress, just put the transmitter on a chair or table.

The selection of kits below includes only Combo systems, but many professionals prefer to purchase a higher quality mic separately from the transceiver. However, these systems do very well for institutional video recordings.


The WLX-PRO kit from the Japanese brand AZDEN is an RF system intended for small consumer camcorders. It has a wireless transmitter with an omnidirectional microphone and a receiver that connects to the microphone input of your camcorder. The housings are powered by two AA batteries. Sold for around 115 euros, it is a very inexpensive kit to benefit from wireless audio capture. The range is naturally more limited than with a professional kit (a few meters) and there are only two frequency channels. For tight budgets!

Content: - 1 WR-PRO receiver - 1 WM-PRO pocket transmitter - 1 omnidirectional lavalier EX-503 lavalier microphone - 1 jack cable - 1 camera adapter - user manual
Working frequencies: - 169.445MHz, F2 - 170.245MHz (2 switchable channels)
Taken : - helmet
Supply : - 4 AA batteries (not included)
Price: - € 115
Manufacturer's website: - http://www.azdencorp.com

Sony ECM-W1M

Very different from traditional kits, the ECM-W1M includes a microphone-transmitter which communicates by bluetooth wireless link with the receiver which attaches to the hot shoe of your camcorder or your camera. Its range is 100 meters and it works with 1 AAA battery. The other originality of the kit is the presence of a headphone jack on the two elements allowing the cameraman to communicate with the user of the microphone. A windproof case is also provided and the microphone has a mounting clip. The kit is compatible with any type of camcorder or camera equipped with a multi-interface shoe (powered circuit). A video demo is available at this link.
Content: - 1 receiver - 1 omni-directional micro-transmitter - 1 earpiece with headset attachment - 1 windproof filter - 1 protective case
Working frequencies: - Bluetooth
Taken : - helmet
Supply : - 1 pile AAA
Price: - € 199
Manufacturer's website: - http://www.sony.com


Significantly more upscale, AZDEN's 330 kit features 188 user-selectable frequencies displayed on an LCD screen to ensure you always find a "free" channel. The particularity of this pack is to provide a single receiver coupled to two transmitters. You can film two speakers each equipped with a lavalier microphone with their transmitter, the signal of which will be sent to the single receiver connected to the camcorder. Both channels are of course recorded on the same video file. This system is practical when there is only one camera for filming 2 participants and avoids cluttering the installation with two receivers. The quality of the microphones is quite good, the antennas of the receiver are foldable and an adhesive strip / velcro is provided to fix the elements on any surface. The set is delivered in a rigid case reinforced with foam. AZDEN also offers a pack with an XLR plug (35XT) and a handheld microphone (35HT) instead of a second transmitter / receiver with lapel microphone.

Content: - 1 330UPR receiver- 2 35BT pocket transmitters- 2 omnidirectional lavalier EX-503L lavalier microphones- 1 jack cable- 1 XLR cable- 1 camera adapter- user manual
Working frequencies: - 188 frequencies (566.125 to 589.875 MHz)
Taken : - helmet
Supply : - 6 AA batteries (not included)
Price: - € 800
Manufacturer's website: - http://www.azdencorp.com

Sennheiser ew 100-ENG G3

This ENG set includes an SKP 100 G3 plug-on transmitter that allows any XLR handheld microphone (usually unidirectional) to be used as a wireless microphone. There's also a bodypack transmitter that is immediately ready for use as soon as it's plugged in - and adjusts to changing settings with the portable Adaptive-diversity receiver via the sync function. An automatic search for free frequencies by scanning the available frequencies is integrated. The included lavalier microphone is of good quality and the screens are backlit. This kit is therefore suitable for the wireless capture of a single speaker either with a hand-held microphone or with a lavalier microphone. It is indeed not recommended to use the two microphones simultaneously since the sound of the two microphones will not be identical. The system is supplied without a case, but the batteries are included. A video presentation by a user is broadcast on Youtube.

Content: - 1 EK 100 G3 receiver - 1 SK 100 G3 bodypack transmitter - 1 ME omnidirectional lavalier microphone 2- 1 SKP 100 G3 plug-on transmitter - 1 CL jack cable 1- 1 XLR CL 100 cable - 1 AC camera adapter 2- 6 AA batteries - user manual.
Working frequencies: - 1680 UHF frequencies
Taken : - helmet
Supply : - 6 AA batteries included
Price: - € 800
Manufacturer's website: - http://www.sennheiser.com

Sony UWP-V6

In this high-end kit, Sony boxes stand out for their robustness and the quality of their metal finish. In this version we find a belt-pack transmitter, an omnidirectional Lavalier lavalier microphone, a portable receiver and an XLR plug-in. All are equipped with backlit screens visible in dark areas (often the case in concerts or conferences). Watch a presentation video.

Content: - 1 portable URX-P2 receiver- 1 portable belt-pack transmitter UTX-B2- 1 plug-on XLR UTX-P1 transmitter- 1 omnidirectional ME lavalier microphone 2- 1 Lavalier microphone- 1 camera mount- 2 belt clips- 2 receiver output cables - 1 soft carrying case UTX-P1 - user manual
Working frequencies: - 798 MHz - 822 MHz (UWP-V6/62)- 838 MHz - 862 MHz (UWP-V6/67)
Taken : - helmet
Supply : - 6 AA batteries (not included)
Price: - € 999
Manufacturer's website: - http://www.sony.com
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