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On the Mac, the Trackpad does much more than replace the mouse. From gestures that have become common on iOS, Apple integrated a multitude of shortcuts of a new kind. Combining clicks or swipes, they will allow you to control your computer with your finger and eye.
Note: the shortcuts in this list work with the multi-touch trackpad fitted to Macbooks, but also with the external Magic Trackpad.

The main Trackpad shortcuts on macOS

  1. Right click (or secondary click): click with two fingers on the Trackpad. Variation: place two fingers then click with your thumb.

  2. Launchpad : Pinch towards the center of the Trackpad with your thumb and three fingers.

  3. Mission Control : Swipe up using three fingers.

  4. Show the office : spread with your thumb and three fingers.

  5. Zoom in and out : as on a smartphone, place two fingers then spread them apart to zoom, or bring them together to zoom out.

  6. Zoom intelligent : Using two fingers, double-tap the Trackpad on the item you want to magnify.

  7. Scrolling : Place two fingers and drag up or down.

  8. Change office : Place three fingers and swipe right or left.

  9. Show the notification center : Swipe left from the edge of the trackpad with two fingers.

  10. ShowApp Expos茅 : place three fingers and drag down.

All of the Trackpad's gesture shortcuts are listed in the menu System Preferences> Trackpad. This menu also allows you to personalize them and to deactivate those of your choice.

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