How to install an application on my iPhone?

The easiest way to install and manage its applications on iPhone is directly to download them from the application called App Store which can be found in your iPhone no matter what.

The App Store is official and cannot be uninstalled by the user. Note that to use theApp Store ( iTunes), you will need a Apple ID. If an application is chargeable, you must first have entered your payment details on your Apple ID. You can also install apps by syncing them from iTunes, though that won't be valid soon.

Install an application on your iPhone

  1. Tap the icon App Store on your home screen. This icon is blue with a A .

  2. Once in the application, if you don't know what to install exactly, go to the tab Apps at the bottom center, and look for an app that makes you want.
  3. If you know what you want to install, tap Search at the bottom right and enter the name of the app you want to install. Then press Search to display applications related to your search. Note: you can also enter themes, such as Sport, or Weather.

  4. When you scroll between the applications and you find the one you want to install, all you have to do is press the button Obtain. Note: if you notice a little cloud If you appear to the right of an app, the app has been installed in the past, but is not currently installed on your iPhone. By pressing the cloud you will reinstall the app.

  5. After pressing the button Obtain, Or on the little cloud, a window will appear, with an installation summary. You can either Cancel (top right) or Installer, in blue, at the bottom of the screen.

Your application will be installed on the home screen of your iPhone in the last position. You can now use your freshly installed application!

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