Windows 11 to replace Skype with Microsoft Teams

According to the first build of Windows 11 circulating on the Internet, Microsoft has decided to remove Skype in favor of Microsoft Teams. The various Skype integrations disappear at the same time. The use of the Skype application declined during the containment of the coronavirus, unlike alternatives like Teams or Zoom. 

Windows 11 to replace Skype with Microsoft Teams

If you've been using Skype for years like us, then this article should be of interest to you. Skype is indeed a professional communication tool that is still widely used even if more and more users prefer alternatives that work much better. In fact, on a daily basis, Skype is full of bugs, messages that arrive late, and total breakdowns, admittedly infrequent, but very incapacitating when they occur.

Skype has been put forward for years by Microsoft, however, which made it the main communication and videoconferencing application for Windows 10. Skype was even installed by default in Windows 10 until now. The application benefits from several deep system integrations, including an optional toolbar that allows you to launch meetings more quickly.

Windows 11: Microsoft has decided to say goodbye to Skype

Microsoft really believed in Skype, but the pandemic is here. And it is clear that Microsoft was completely wrong. Not that the use of videoconferencing did not take off during the pandemic. The problem is, most confined professionals have relied on alternatives other than the default app installed in Windows 10.

You also know the big winners of the period: mainly Zoom and Microsoft Teams. However, to believe the first build of Windows 11 which leaked a few days ago, everything indicates that Microsoft is preparing to finally put Skype in the closet. And there are indications that Microsoft has decided to replace the app with Microsoft Teams. Indeed, the toolbar dedicated to Skype disappears in Windows 11.

But our colleagues from Windows Latest explain thata new toolbar - dedicated to Microsoft Teams - is in preparation. This would include a button labeled “Meet & Chat” in English. Note that it will still be possible to download and install Skype via the Microsoft Store after its replacement by Teams. Unless Microsoft ultimately prevents this possibility. Are you going to regret the disappearance of Skype? Share your opinion in the comments.

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