What are the return deadlines for your online Christmas purchases?

Many of you buy your Christmas presents. We have made the rounds of e-merchant return policies for a refund or an order exchange.

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What are the return deadlines for your online Christmas purchases?

All year round, you have the right of withdrawal for 14 days from the day after you come into possession of the property, this is explained in Articles L. 221-18 et seq. Of the Consumer Code. However, not all e-merchants have the same policy for return times, especially at the end of the year.

Note that we cannot refuse your product return, even if you have tried or tested it, provided it is in very good condition. Certain products cannot be returned: Blu-Ray, DVD, software, video games, personalized products, products unsealed for hygiene reasons, etc. Finally, the refund must be made within 14 days from the date you inform the seller (and if the return of the product has been received by the seller).

However, for the end of the year holidays, e-merchants extend this return period for the most part. We are just taking stock.

What are the return times at Amazon?

Generally, Amazon offers 30 days for product returns from the date you receive your package. However, if you have performed your order between November 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019 (inclusive), the package can be returned before midnight of January 31, 2020 for a full refund, in compliance with the return conditions of course. This policy is valid for products sold by Amazon, but also third-party sellers whose shipment depends on Amazon Spain.

The return costs can be reimbursed by Amazon, it depends on the returned product.

What are the return times at Cdiscount?

Cdiscount, in accordance with the provisions of Articles L. 221-18 et seq. Of the Consumer Code, offers a period of fourteen working days from the day after receipt of the last product of your order to be reimbursed for an order.

For any order placed between 23/11/2018 and 24/12/2018 (excluding Cdiscount Marketplace orders), Cdiscount offers you the possibility to return your product until January 31, 2019. Be careful, however, this only concerns products sold by Cdiscount.

Note that the return costs are your responsibility.

What are the return times at Boulanger?

Like other e-merchants, you then have 14 days from the communication of your decision to return a product purchased from Boulanger. You are responsible for the return costs. There are no additional deadlines for the end of year celebrations.

Note that you can return a product by going to a Boulanger store, which can be handy for a quick refund.

What are the deadlines for returning to Fnac?

Generally, Fnac provides for an extended return period for end-of-year purchases. Two years ago, Fnac offered a return until January 15 for a purchase between November 23 at 17 p.m. and December 31. However, we did not find a similar device for 2019.

Return costs are your responsibility.

What are the return times at Darty?

Darty grants the classic 15 days of retraction, on the other hand it is specified that the refund is assured on the products whose packaging has not been opened. For unpacked products, Darty offers an exchange. Like Fnac and Boulanger, you can go through physical stores to return your product.

For Darty, as part of a Christmas purchase and if you have the sales receipt or proof of purchase, you have until January 15 to change your mind and request an exchange or a refund of your purchases.

If you decide to return your package by post, you will have to return it at your expense.

What are the return times at Rue Du Commerce?

Rue Du Commerce also provides for an additional period of time, you can return your product free of charge until 7/01/2020 for any order placed between November 20, 2019 and December 24, 2019.

How long does it take to return to the Apple Store?

You have until January 8, 2020 inclusive to return items purchased from the Apple Online Store and received between November 15, 2019 and December 25, 2019. Please note, all purchases made after December 25, 2018 are subject to the standard return policy.

You can also go through an Apple Store, this avoids having to schedule a return to the Apple Store.

What are the return times at LDLC?

In addition to the classic 14 days, LDLC offers two additional packages. The deadline is extended to 21 days if a Comfort Pack is selected and to 30 days if an Expert Pack is selected. There are no additional deadlines planned for the end of year celebrations.

What are the return times for the OnePlus Store?

The OnePlus Store does not offer additional time limits than the 14 days provided for in the law.

What are the return times at Rakuten?

Rakuten obviously has a legal right of withdrawal for a period of 14 days. Note that refunds are credited to the buyer's Rakuten Wallet, and not to their bank account.

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