Use your GoPro Hero 8 as a webcam on macOS with this new app

Like Canon and Fujifilm before it, GoPro has just formalized a new tool to use its Hero 8 like a webcam on his Mac .

The Windows version of the utility is still in development, but will arrive shortly.

An ultra-wide-angle webcam to stand out

If the solutions of Canon and Fujifilm previously cited allow the use of a mirrorless or Reflex camera to act as a high quality webcam, it must be admitted that the GoPro program opts for more discretion.

The latest-generation action-cam can now function as a webcam on macOS, allowing you to film yourself in ultra-wide-angle at 1080p. Something to stand out during your videoconferences (but remember to tidy up around you all the same!).

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To use the program, nothing could be simpler. Download it here, then connect your GoPro Hero 8 to your Mac via USB-C. The action-cam should appear in the list of devices available on regular video conferencing software.

Source: 9to5Mac

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