Surveys, quizzes, contests on Facebook: the right tools

Facebook polls, quizzes and contests are great tools for creating more d’engagement among fans, increase the visibilite of a page and get valuable informations about his community. Native Facebook features have disappeared in favor of applications that now allow these publications to be generated. with high added value. As long as you use them well!

  • The tools to create a survey
    • Facebook tools
    • Outdoor apps
  • The tools to create a quiz
  • The tools to create contests
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The tools to create a survey

Easy and inexpensive to set up, a survey allows you to create commitment on its page at a lower cost by collecting the opinion of Internet users, who generally like to give it. For the brand, the survey has a real value if it relates to the products or services it markets, in the “Which one do you prefer?” mode.

Facebook tools

The native Facebook poll tool was discontinued in 2013. Since then, applications have made it quite easy to create one. The major drawbacks are that they are Pay in the long term and that they are outside of Facebook (they open on another page).
But doing a poll from Facebook is still possible.
If the pages no longer allow it, the groups on the other hand can. It suffices for this to create or link a group from its own page, a feature available since July 2017.
In the left column, from the page, go to Groups, choose “Create a group” or “Associate your group”. The Facebook guideline explains very simply how to create a poll in a group.
In addition to simplified management for the administrator, the group also allows more intimate exchanges with fans, to better target the questions of the survey, to know their opinion on a product for example.

Outdoor apps

Opinionpolls is the official app for creating polls on Facebook. You can ask one or more multiple-choice questions to your community, with a very simple voting mechanism, in English.

Pool for Facebook is also a very practical tool, although not very intuitive. To create a poll, go to the Poll Facebook page, add the questions (single or multiple choice), the text and the image that will illustrate it, then share with the fans.
In the more of the application, we note: the possibility of asking people to like the page for participate, analyze the results live, view graphs and export them to Excel.
The major drawback of the application is that you have to click on the image to participate in the survey which opens on the application page, external to the brand's Facebook page.

The tools to create a quiz

More elaborate, based on questionnaires and multi-profiles, the quiz makes it possible to better identify the hobbies fans, their personality and their knowledge.
There are a plethora of apps dedicated to creating quizzes on Facebook.
The advantage of the tool is that it is extremely fun, it works very well with a community of fans.
Taking a quiz for a quiz has no other purpose than to entertain the community, but it can be put to good use to test your fans' knowledge of the services and products of the brand, for example, their tastes or their consumption habits.

Among the most popular quiz maker tools, the official Facebook app is simply called Quiz. Knowledge or personality quiz, the app gives the choice between these two tools, with supporting tutorials.

We will also mention Pageyourself, which allows you to create quizzes directly on the Facebook page. All you have to do is register, the trial is free for 14 days and becomes chargeable from € 9 per month. Drimify, on the same principle, allows you to publish quizzes, tests and surveys.
Onlinequizcreator allows some free trials, but requires a few (tedious) registration steps from the site.

The tools to create contests

Creating a contest on Facebook is probably the best way to more efficient to have spinoffs in terms of the number of fans and visibility, but also the more complex to establish. The principle consists in rewarding the members of a community with a gratuity (product, voucher, visit of the company…).

Applications like the very popular SocialShaker, offer to organize free contests for pages with less than 1000 fans and to reward them with promo codes or discount coupons.

The most complete and advanced application for creating a contest on Facebook is Agorapulse. Not only does it make it possible to efficiently manage the publications of a pro Facebook page but also to create high added value contests, with monitoring features, precise metric reports, integrated CRM tools ...

It should be noted

Facebook's terms of service change very often. It is recommended that you read the guidelines of the social network before embarking on a competition, making sure to first define all the ins and outs of the game: rules, conditions, age, duration ...
Not everything is allowed: if reactions are allowed (click on “like” or “love”) to call for participation, the contest should not be conditioned solely by liking and sharing.

See the Facebook guideline dedicated to promotion (III.E. Promotions).


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