Spotify simplifies the management of collaborative playlists for your evenings with friends

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Spotify has made it easier to manage collaborative playlists within its application. It will now be easier to add friends and find out who added which title.

Collaborative playlists on Spotify //

Spotify has long made it possible to create collaborative playlists with loved ones. The functionality was however rather unknown until now. To make it more accessible, the music streaming service decided to update it, as the Swedish company announced in a blog post.

So four new features have been added to these playlists that you can manage with your friends. The first consists of adding an “add users” button at the top of the playlist, simply allowing people to add people who can in turn edit the playlist.

The Spotify interface on iPhone //

A list of users with access to editing rights will also be integrated with their avatars highlighted at the top. Finally, next to each title will be displayed the avatar of the user who added this song to the playlist. A good way to find out who wanted to ruin everything by adding So Maness to your “Rock 70s” playlist.

How to create a collaborative playlist on Spotify

The creation of collaborative playlists remains relatively simple, since it is enough for a user to create a classic playlist and access its parameters to press the “activate collaborative mode” option. From then on, he can easily add his contacts to the playlist so that they can in turn modify it and add other songs.

Spotify does not give a deployment date for these new features. We were not able to take advantage of it within the editorial staff, as the add user button was not present, despite the update to version of the application on Android.


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