Skype is enriched with many features to make the chat more modern

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Microsoft has made some welcome changes to its messaging tool, Skype. On the program: drafts, bookmarks, easy file sharing and the generalization of split display.

There is no age limit to becoming a better version of yourself. Skype Even though she turned 16 this year, she still has many areas for improvement. And Microsoft has brought several to life, as announced in a blog post last week.

Drafts and Favorites

First of all, the instant messaging software will now be able to manage drafts. More precisely, when you write a message without sending it and when you leave the conversation, your text will now be saved and tagged as "draft". You can then resume it, by reopening the chat window.

Then, Skype now integrates the possibility ofsave messages to favorites. All you have to do is right click on a conversation (or long press on it, for the mobile version) and choose "Add a bookmark". You can then easily find the selected elements in the dedicated tab.

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Media sharing and split view

Otherwise, Skype intends to facilitate file and media sharing. In fact, in its latest version, the tool makes it possible to preview shipment before it becomes effective. It is then possible to delete or add files, as well as attach a message to it. In addition, photos and videos shared at the same time will now be grouped together in an album, with a mosaic-style view.

Finally, the last feature is not a total novelty, since it is about the mode « split view », which had already appeared in the version for Windows. This option, which separates the conversation windows from the main view with the contact list, is now also available on macOS and Linux.

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