Pokémon Go: How to Land a Perfect Pokéball Throw

Pokémon Go has a fairly simple operation when it comes to throwing Pokéball, however you should also know that some methods are much more effective than others. Today, let's take a look at how to pull off a perfect Pokéball throw. 

Pokémon Go: How to Land a Perfect Pokéball Throw

Anyone who's ever played Pokémon Go knows how important a good throw is, but also that the latter requires a certain technique. Moreover, as we saw in our great guide, a good throw can bring in more experience points, especially since the latest update of the game allows you to gain even more XP.

If some methods are really original but not really accessible to everyone, like this player who uses a real Pokéball. Others, however, are quite simple and can be used by everyone, let's see today the method of the throw in “L” which ensures almost certainly to touch the Pokémon.

Pokémon Go: How to Land a Perfect Pokéball Throw

The method has been shared on Reddit, and many players who have tried it actually claim that it greatly increased their chances of capture. It's simple they no longer waste a Pokéball by sending next. To keep it simple when launching, you need to:

  • Slide the Pokéball to the left
  • Send the Pokéball following the edge of the screen and release when you get to the level of the Pokémon

This way the throw should succeed 98% of the time when the Pokémon does not return the Pokéball. Since pictures are better than words, here's a little GIF to better understand the throw.

Pokémon Go: How to Land a Perfect Pokéball Throw

Strangely, this method works less well when you move to the right, we don't really know why. On the other hand, the variant of cast in “L” italic if we can say works very well too. To do this, turn the Pokéball on itself, slide there vars the left, and throw diagonally by releasing the Pokéball at the level of the Pokémon. This method also allows a bonus of 10XP.

Here we hope that this little tutorial will be useful to you. If you use other casting methods, please let us know in the comments.

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