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Turning around the various forums you will often find questions very similar to this:

Yesterday, immediately after I took a photo, a message appeared where the iPhone says that I have full memory and that I cannot do any more ... but checking the memory still results in several GB of free space ... why?

If you are also in a similar situation and have already checked that there is space available on your iPhone (by going to Settings> General> Device space and iCloud> Manage space) then the problem is not the full memory but another: the presence of too many useless files on your iOS device! These useless files (also called junk files or junk files) occupy several memory cells in the iphone and often cause the iPhone memory full or archive almost full message to appear.

Solve the problem "iPhone memory full when it is not true"?

Here are 5 effective solutions to be able to use the iPhone again without that annoying message appearing again.

1. Clean iPhone memory with dr.Fone

Here are the links from which you can download the program:

After installing the program you will see this main interface:

Click on the function CLEAR and connect your iPhone, via USB to the computer. You will see this screen:

From the left click on the function "FREE SPACE"And you will see this new interface:

Click on the SCAN button to analyze the device and proceed to clean and optimize the memory of your iPhone.

2. Do a thorough cleaning with iPhone Cleaner

There are several "iphone clear" programs that can help you do a thorough cleaning of your iPhone to remove all the files that cause this problem (cache, cookies, temporary files, etc.). One of them is iMyFone iOS Cleaner which you can download for free from the links below (for PC or Mac):


After downloading and installing the app on your PC / Mac you will need to connect your iPhone via USB and start scanning to search for all the junk files responsible for the full memory (even if it is not true).


After the scan the program will show all the files you need to delete for free up space on the iPhone and free up precious memory.

Once the cleaning is finished you will notice that the “Memory full or nearly full” message will no longer appear on your iPhone!

3. Manually delete unnecessary photos, videos and music

Multimedia files (i.e. photos, videos and audio files) are the ones that take up the most space of all on your device. Check them out and delete those photos, movies and songs that are no longer needed. Some applications may also be "heavy" and should be uninstalled if not used.

4. Remove cache

If you browse the internet a lot with your iPhone then Safari (the iPhone's default browser) may have stored a huge amount of temporary files, caches and history. Log into the Settings app and then log into Safari to clear this information.

5. Uninstall unused games

Games are the apps that take up the most memory space. If there are games you no longer use uninstall them and you will notice a noticeable "lightening" of your iPhone.

6. Save iPhone Data to iCloud or iTunes

If you want to save memory on iPhone, a good tip is to backup your data to iCloud or iTunes and delete them from the device. Or you can use third-party programs as indicated in this article: selectively backup iPhone with dr.fone


hello, I have an iphone 8 plus, last night a message appeared that said memory full. I tried to cancel, but in vain. after which the phone shuts down and never restarts. only the apple logo appears in the center. I tried in various ways to force both on and off, but nothing.
Is it possible that if the memory is full the phone will lock up?
How can I clear the memory when the phone is locked?
Thanks Raffaele Palmieri

  • Unfortunately this is a flaw of the iPhone .. You have to rely on programs like drfone to clean up the memory.

  • It happened to me too

    • Are you done? Same thing happened to me today

    • How did you solve?

  • Hi, I have transferred photos and videos from iPhone 6 to iPhone Se 2020 and from 1gb on the 6 became 18gb on the Se. Yet the number of files transferred is correct. Can you help me understand why?

  • Hi everyone, I have an iPhone 6 and I have problems with memory. I deleted all the photos and videos from the phone but in the settings it keeps telling me that I have full memory…. can anyone explain to me why?

  • iPhone reset and tells me memory full I can't download anything but it's actually completely empty

    • How did you solve? I have the same problem as you ..

  • They gave me iPhone 7s it happened that once turned on it tells me there is no space on the iPhone …… .how but? What if the cell phone is new and has nothing in it?

    • If it appears, it means that there is actually something in memory. Try using the program described in the guide to do a thorough cleaning in the memory of that iphone.

    • There is no iPhone 7s

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