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THEiPhone locked on the black screen with a spinning wheel it's not an uncommon problem. Many iPhone users find themselves in this situation after for example restoring the iPhone to factory conditions or after updating the iPhone to a new iOS version. The problem may also occur when trying to restore an old backup to the new iPhone. Or, the iPhone stuck with spinning wheel issue may occur suddenly, after a simple restart of the iPhone.

If you are also in this situation, with the image of the black screen as shown below, for sure you are thinking about how to repair the iPhone without having to contact an Apple center for assistance. In this article we have collected some solutions that you can try to solve the problem of the wheel spinning on the iPhone by yourself ...

For iPhone 6s, SE or older models

  1. Touch and hold the "Home" and "Power" buttons simultaneously until the Apple Apple logo appears
  2. Release the buttons and let your iPhone boot normally.

Per iPhone 7/7 Plus

  1. Press the "Power" button along with the "Volume Down" key until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  2. Let the iPhone restart and check if it still stuck on the wheel or not.

Per iPhone 8/X/XR/XS (Max) and later

  1. Click the "Volume Up" key and leave it right after, and repeat the same with the "Volume Down" key.
  2. Press and hold the "Power" button and wait for the Apple logo to appear. Enter your password to start your iPhone.

#2. Repair iPhone with dr.Fone Repair

If your iPhone gets stuck on the loading wheel and the forced restart doesn't fix the situation then it's time to look for some more effective software solution. And the ideal would be to find a software that in addition to repairing the problem of the spinning wheel, manages to keep intact the data you have on the device. Fortunately, the solution of this kind exists and is called dr.Fone iOS Repair. This program is capable of repairing the iPhone when there are problems related to the firmware installed on the device. Some situations it can solve are for example:

  • iPhone suddenly shutting down
  • iPhone stuck on blinking Apple logo
  • iPhone that restarts itself
  • iPhone stuck on apple (apple logo)

In addition to these “freeze” situations, dr.Fone is able to fix and repair iPhone stuck on black screen with spinning wheel. And all WITHOUT deleting the data on the iPhone !! Like? Follow these simple steps.

The first thing to do is download and install dr.Fone on your comptuer (Windows or Mac):

Data Loss Usage Time # 1. Forced Reboot Sometimes it works
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