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We have already seen how it is possible to solve the iPhone disabled problem using iTunes, practically doing a factory reset with consequent loss of all data on the device. However, below we want to point out other 3 alternative ways to unlock disabled iPhone without using iTunes.

First of all it must be said that the error "iPhone disabled. Please try again in xxxx”Usually appears when you enter the wrong unlock password several times. Once the iPhone enters this "disabled" mode, it becomes impossible to make other attempts to enter the code and you are invited to connect it to iTunes to proceed with the restoration.

Solution # 1: Unlock Disabled iPhone with Dr.fone - Unlock

Dr.Fone Unlock is a tool that is part of the Dr.fone Toolkit iOS program and provides an extremely safe and fast solution to the problem of Disabled iPhone. Compatible with all major versions of iOS, it must be downloaded and installed on your computer (Windows or Mac).

Apart from unlocking disabled iPhone without iTunes, this tool allows you to fix other problems like malware attacks, iPhone stuck in recovery mode, blue screen, Apple logo lock, and so on. Furthermore, it has an easy to use interface and produces reliable results, making it an essential iOS tool. To know how to unlock disabled iPhone without iTunes, here are the steps to follow.

First download and install dr.fone Toolkit iOS on your computer:


After installation, start the program and this screen will open:

Click on the UNLOCK SCREEN function and follow the instructions that will appear in the program

Select UNLOCK IOS SCREEN per I will proceed.

Connect the iPhone to the computer via its USB cable. You will then be asked to put the device in "Download" mode. See the pictures on the program to do this.

Once the iPhone is detected (in "download" mode), you will need to indicate the exact model and version of your iPhone

Click on DOWNLOAD to download the firmware package compatible with your iPhone.

After downloading the firmware click on the button UNLOCK to start repairing the operating system and automatically fix the iPhone disabled problem as well. At the end of the procedure, a screen like this will open indicating that everything has been successfully completed:

Your iPhone will be brand new and you will notice the resolution of the iPhone stuck because it is disabled. If by chance you had important data on your device (and you do not have a backup of that data), again through dr.Fone you can try the function RECOVERY which allows you to recover deleted data on iPhone even in case of formatting or factory reset.

Solution # 2: Unlock Disabled iPhone with Find My iPhone

Most people believe that the iPhone disabled problem can only be solved by a restore done with iTunes, but this is not the only solution available. In addition to the Dr.Fone solution described above, another of the most used methods to perform the correction of the problem, without iTunes, is the one that uses the "Find my iPhone”From Apple. In fact, with this tool it is possible remotely locate, lock or reset the device. Here are the steps to follow to unlock a disabled iphone with "Find My iPhone".

1. Log into your iCloud account from a web browser by entering your Apple ID and password. Go to the Find My iPhone section and tap the "Devices" option. A list of all devices linked to your Apple ID will be displayed. Select the iOS device that is disabled.

2. From the screen that opens you will be able to locate the device, play a sound, block it or delete it. To repair the disabled iPhone you will have to choose the function of "Erase" your device. Click on the option Erase device and confirm your choice.

Wait a few moments while the Find My iPhone feature remotely wipes your iOS device. In addition to initializing the iphone, this function will also remove its lock.

Solution # 3: Unlock Disabled iPhone with Siri

Maybe you don't know but it is also possible to fix iPhone disabled issue using Crab. While the solution may only work with devices running on iOS 8.0 and later, this method could be very useful for you. Also using Siri will not wipe your device data and you will be able to unlock the home screen. Here's how to do it.

1. First press and hold the button Home on your device to activate Siri and ask something like "Hey Siri, what time is it?". This will allow you to tap the Clock icon to begin the process

2. Enter the World clock interface and click on the “+” icon to add a new one.

3. You will be asked to write a city. Write one you want and then click on the "Select all" option.

4. At this point other options will appear such as "cut", "copy", etc .. Click on "Share"

5. This will open a new window in which there will be various icons. Click on the icon of Messages to continue

6. Type something in the "To" field and click the Submit button at the bottom right

7. The text in the “To” field will be highlighted in green. Select it and click the + button on the right.

8. A new window will open in which you will have to click on "Create new contact"

9. On the next screen choose to Add a Photo

10. This will open the Photo Library. From here you will be able to access any album

11. Instead of selecting a photo at this point you can exit the interface by clicking on the Home button. You will magically find yourself on the iPhone home screen

This is a workaround that may work well but is not an effective way to permanently fix iPhone disabled issue


Hi, my iphone is disabled due to broken touch screen and unable to insert the correct pin. Can I recover data cn dr fone (I didn't have back up) if so which version to buy? Thanks

  • Hi, my iphone 6 got disabled after breaking the screen, I have never connected the phone to a pc and therefore never made a backup…. How can I go about recovering all the data inside?
    The phone disabled itself when the screen broke, the touch sensor went by itself and I entered the code too many times to unlock it ... If I connect it to the pc itunes nn recognizes it, even with programs like dr. Fone and ifonelab… How can I do?

    • In such conditions, unfortunately, I believe that very little can be done. You can only try to reset but even in this case you must at least have it recognized by itunes or drfone ..

      • I fixed the screen… So If I reset it and buy dr. Fone is there still no way to at least recover the photos?

      • I want to unblock facebook

    • One day I have my mobile phone that I pressed the speakerphone button and it is locked as I can unlock it again

    • hello I also have this identical problem percaso you solved now I'm desperate I don't know how to do it

  • hi i have an iphone6s in disabled mode i can't reset it with itunes what can i do thanks

  • Hp a locked iPhone by connecting to the pc nom is recognized how do i unlock it without losing data siri npn works. What can I do?

  • hi instead I don't remember the password of my apple id code anymore, and neither the answers to set the password again. and the email to reset the password is the same as my apple id. how do i unlock it? apple can't help me. after 4 years I don't even have a receipt

    • I have an iPhone if and after having done an automatic update it asked me to enter the point that unfortunately I no longer remember or even ideas. The phone is now locked. Can you help me? Thanks

  • I have an iphone 6 in "iphone is disabled" mode, the home button does not work, it does not connect to itunes. I want to reset it from the factory I don't care about the data. how can I do?

    • Put the iPhone in DFU mode (as indicated here: https://www.iphonexpertise.it/come-si-mette-liphone-in-modalita-dfu/) and then connect it to the computer to do a reset via iTunes.

  • Hello . I want to ask you something. once the iPhone is unlocked with the factory data, will the 4-digit pin to be entered in the cellphone come out again?

    • No, the pin is also reset and deleted.

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