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It is certainly one of the most important things that of back up the iPhone on a regular basis to avoid the loss of important data in case of device failure, factory reset or various unexpected events. The good thing is that iCloud offers an easy and free way to backup iPhone (automatically or manually). However, many iOS users find themselves in the situation where iPhone backup fails or no longer works. What to do in these situations? How to solve the problem of the backup failed on iPhone?

There are many reasons that can cause iPhone backup failure problem. The main reason is that iCloud offers only 5 GB of free storage space, and if you have a lot of iPhone backups saved in cloud storage, you are very likely to run out of free space. If so, the error "IPhone backup failed"Or"IPhone Backup Failed".

In addition to this, however, there are also other possible causes. Below we will try to analyze the various causes and provide different ways to solve the problem iPhone backup failed.

  1. Restart iPhone
  2. Update iOS
  3. Reset network settings
  4. Delete old iCloud backups
  5. Create iPhone backups with alternative software

    1. Restart iPhone

    It must be said that restarting the device is always a simple but very effective way to fix various problems that occur on your iOS device such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. So if you get the error iPhone backup failed, you can try restarting your iPhone.

    To turn off your iPhone, you can go to the app Settings and then tap General> Turn off to turn it off. Or you can rely on the physical keys to do the same job. You can keep pressing the power button and then drag the power off slider to the right to turn off your iPhone. If you are using an iPhone X / XS / XR / XS Max or iPhone 11, you can press the Side button and the Volume Down / Up button at the same time.

    2. Update iOS iPhone version

    Updating the iOS system is another easy way to fix all kinds of problems on your iPhone. When you are faced with the problem of backup iPhone failed, you can try update iOS to solve the problem.

    Turn on your iPhone and open the app Settings.

    Toccata General> Software Update to check if an iOS update is available. Touch Install now to update iOS to the latest version, if available.

    3. Reset Network Settings

    In many cases, the iPhone backup fails due to poor network connection. If you have a good and stable Wi-Fi network connection, you need to verify that your iOS device is receiving a good one as well.

    In this regard, you can reset your iPhone's network settings to ensure that everything is working properly. You can unlock your iPhone and go to the app Settings. From here it touches General> Reset> Reset Network Settings per I will proceed.

    4. Delete old iCloud backups

    If iPhone backup doesn't work due to low iCloud storage then the (obvious) solution is to free up some space on it or buy some additional space. In the first case you will have to go to delete old backups on iCloud. How to do? Here are the steps to follow:

    Unlock your iPhone and open the app Settings. Tap your account iCould at the top, then choose the option iCloud.

    Choose the option Manage storage space when you log into the iCloud interface. Then tap Backup.

    Here you can check all existing iPhones and other backups created. You can choose an old backup and remove it to get more storage space on your iCloud account.

    5. Create iPhone backups with alternative software

    There are many software that allow you to back up your iPhone data directly to your computer (and not to iCloud) so that you don't have problems with limited space and do not run into the “iphone backup failed” error. Among these software we must certainly mention iTunes (official Apple software) which, however, according to many, is not very simple and intuitive to use and does not allow you to make selective backups (ie backup only the data we want).

    We have already reported alternative software, such as dr.Phone for iOS, able to selectively backup the iPhone, or TunesGO. In addition to these software we want to mention below also Fonelab iOS.

    Connect your iPhone to computer with a USB cable. From the program screen select the function iOS Backup  & Restore and this new window will open:

    Now you can choose to backup your iPhone data with the backup standard or the backup encrypted according to your needs. Then click the button Home to start backing up your iPhone.

    Before proceeding, the program will ask you to select the data to be included in the backup (by default all data types are selected):

    At the end of the backup you will see a screen indicating the outcome of the process:

    Done! You will now have an iPhone backup on your PC that you can restore to your device at any time!

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