How to use Nintendo Switch "tabletop mode"

As a hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch can be used on the TV in the living room, but also in nomadic mode, without forgetting the "Table mode". This is how to take advantage of the "tabletop" mode of the Nintendo console.

How to play in "tabletop" mode on Nintendo Switch?
Designed for hybrid play, the Nintendo Switch allows you to play in portable mode, with the two joy-cones attached to either side of the screen. However, conditions sometimes make it more pleasant / practical to play in "Table Mode", the console then transforming into a small screen to be installed on a flat surface.

To take advantage of this so-called “tabletop” mode, simply follow the following steps.

1. Detach the joy-con from the console

2. Deploy the support on the back of the console

This is what allows the Nintendo Switch to stand upright on a stable, level surface.

A particularly practical mode when you want to play on a plane or a train for example, or simply on a corner of the table, to enjoy gaming sessions alone or with friends.

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