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We have already described in a guide some time ago how to use PDFElement to rotate a PDF. In that case, however, we have analyzed the functions that allow you to rotate a pdf in blocks of 90%, which is useful when you are dealing with a flipped PDF document and want to align it vertically (or horizontally). But what can you do when we have a PDF in our hands that is slightly skewed and not perfectly aligned? How to do a rotate PDF a few degrees so that you get a perfect file?

To better understand the situation we are talking about, just take a look at the following images:


On the left we are dealing with a page of a PDF document clearly not vertically aligned, on the right the same page but aligned, as it should be.

This "problem" is more frequent than you think and especially when a PDF document is obtained by scanning. In fact, during the scanning phase it is easy that the document is not well positioned in the scanner and the result is a practically crooked PDF.

To solve this alignment problem you need to use a tool that can rotate the PDF a few degrees, left or right. With PDFElement by accessing the "PAGES" section there is the function WHEEL which allows you to rotate the PDF but this rotation can only happen in blocks of 90 degrees. But few people know of another way to rotate a PDF a few degrees with PDFelement… let's find out together!

How to rotate PDF a few degrees with PDFelement

Download and install PDFelement

First download and install PDFElement on your Windows or Mac computer, from the links below:


After downloading, installing and starting the program you will see this splash screen:

Import PDF to rotate

As highlighted in the figure above, click on the button OPEN FILE to immediately import the PDF you want to rotate a few degrees into the program. The PDF will be loaded and displayed in the program's central screen.

Rotate PDF (a few degrees)

Now click on the section at the top MODIFICATION.

At the top will appear the bar with all the editing tools offered by PDF Element (adding text, images, inserting links, crop, background, page numbering, etc ..). In our case, however, we must click on the link "Modification”On the left of this toolbar and immediately after clicking inside the PDF page.

If everything has been done correctly, you should see the PDF page highlighted with an outline and a dot of color should appear at the top. green. By clicking on this dot you can start rotating the PDF as and how much you want, even by a few degreesuntil the desired perfect alignment is achieved. In the image below what just said is better described:

Once the rotation and the desired alignment have been carried out, you can click on the top right File -> Save As and save the new PDF on your computer.

NB: With the demo version of the program, a watermark will appear on the created PDF. It is essential to purchase the program license to remove this writing from the PDF.

Rotate PDF a few degrees with PDFescape

An alternative solution to PDFelement to rotate a PDF is PDFescape. It is a web-based service that works directly online and does not need to install any software. The use of this system is very simple and intuitive. Here are the steps to follow in order to rotate any PDF a few degrees.

Step 1. Access the official PDFescape website

Step 2. Click on the red button "Free Online”To be able to open the online version of PDFescape. This version will work on any web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, IE, etc ...)

Step 3. Click on “Upload PDF to PDFescape” to import the PDF from your computer. (The free version of the service allows you to import PDFs no heavier than 10MB and less than 100 pages).

Step 4. Access the card Page. Here you will find various buttons to rotate the document.

Rotate Left: allows, with each click, to rotate the PDF 90 degrees to the left

Rotate Right: allows, with each click, to rotate the PDF 90 degrees to the right

If you want to rotate a few degrees, click on the button "More”And another button will appear at the bottom, called Deskew. Click on this button and then with the mouse choose the desired inclination. You will be able to rotate the PDF to any angle, even minimal. Deskew means "Straightening" and it is no coincidence that it is a very requested feature by those who have PDFs with slightly skewed pages that need to be realigned.

That's all! Now you will be able to rotate any PDF and at any angle.

In the trial version you have on the site, no green dot comes out to rotate. It rotates 90, 180, 360… like all the others

  • If it is a PDF that needs to be rotated a few degrees, it is most likely a scanned PDF. In this case, all pages are like images. To rotate these pages by a few degrees just access the Edit menu and then with the mouse select the page (image) until a blue outline appears and a green dot at the top that allows you to rotate by any degree.

    • Even in this second way, it does not seem to me that you can rotate a few degrees (the image automatically returns to the initial position)

    • I recommend trying PDFescape and the Deskew function to "straighten" the pages of a PDF

How to rotate PDF a few degrees -

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