How to restore Windows 10?

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Windows 10 Restore feature allows you to restore the system to an earlier backup point; unlike a reset, you keep your personal files. When restoring Windows and applications, it is the first reflex in the event of an unstable system.

In this tutorial intended to teach you how to configure and secure Windows 10, we explain how to recover an operational OS in a few minutes, easily. The only prerequisite before proceeding: you must have created a restore point beforehand.

How to restore Windows 10

  1. In the taskbar, click the button Search.

  2. Enter Restoration point.

  3. Launch the utility Create a restore point.

  4. Click on System Restauration.

  5. Click on Next.

  6. Click on the restore point you want to revert to. Click on Next.

  7. After this step, System Restore will be executed. Close all software and save your open documents. When you're ready, click finish.

  8. Click on Yes.

Restoration is a relatively lightweight operation that takes a few minutes to complete. If you prefer to start from scratch with a brand new version of Windows, without keeping your personal files, you can instead opt for a reset : radical, it will erase all the contents of the hard drive before reinstalling the OS.

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