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Who uses assiduously Whatsapp (and there are so many who do) knows very well the importance of backing up all conversations on a regular basis. This backup becomes essential in case of accidental deletion of chats, or in case of phone formatting, reinstallation of the Whatsapp app or in case of phone change (because it allows you to restore all conversations on the new mobile phone).

If you are in one of the situations mentioned above and you are sure that you have made a backup of your whatsapp chats, there are various ways to recover Whatsapp backups and restore all your chats (with their attachments). Below we show how recover Whatsapp backup in various scenarios such as:

  1. Recover Whatsapp Backup on Android
  2. Recover Whatsapp Backup on iPhone
  3. Open and View Whatsapp Backup on your PC
  4. Recover Whatsapp Chat in NO Backup

How to Recover Whatsapp Backup on Android

For those who own an Android phone, Whatsapp chats can be saved simply and directly on Google Drive. In fact, just open Whatsapp on the Android device, click on the three dots at the top right to open the menu and click on Settings -> Chat. At this point a window will open in which a button "Backup”And that allows you to save all chats on Google Drive.

Il whatsapp backup recovery and its restoration of the chats is just as immediate and trivial to do. In fact, once Whatsapp is installed on the mobile phone, the backup on Google Drive will be automatically checked and you will be asked if you want to restore those chats.

How to Recover Whatsapp Backup on iPhone

While on Android backups are performed on Google Drive, for iOS devices (iPhone / iPad), Whatsapp chats can be automatically saved to iCloud. Also in this case to make the backup just open Whatsapp on the iPhone, click on the menu Settings -> Chat and at this point click on the link "Backup Now".

To restore and recover whatsapp backup on iPhone it's just as simple. Just install Whatsapp on the iPhone, activate the iCloud service (always using the same Apple ID and password) and by accessing the “Restore from iCloud” section on Whatsapp you can choose the backup to restore.

How to Recover Whatsapp without Backup

If, on the other hand, you are in the position of having deleted whatsapp chats from your mobile phone and you don't even have one BACKUP (neither on Google Drive, nor on iCloud), then you just have to rely on the program Whatsapp Recovery. With this program you can try to recover chats from your phone's internal memory and bring them back to life. Here are the simple steps to follow to recover whatsapp in the absence of backup:

Step 1. Download and install the program on your computer

Step 2. Connect your mobile to PC / Mac via USB cable

Step 3. From the program, access the function "Data recovery“, Select the data to search (Whatsapp) and start the scan

Step 4. Preview the recovered data and select the ones to save on your computer




How to Recover Whatsapp Backup -

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