How to open a PDF file?

How to open a PDF file?
The PDF format has been used for years. And for good reason, it allows you to exchange files made up of texts, illustrations and images, without worrying about compatibility, whether in terms of software or digital media. It is therefore not uncommon to download certain documents in this format, such as the general conditions of sale or a contract, or to receive them.

If you want to know how to open a PDF file, here is a very simple tutorial that will take you step by step.

Open PDF file

  1. To be able to open all PDF documents, start with download Acrobat Reader DC software here. It's free and easy, just click on the blue button Download then follow the instructions.

    How to open a PDF file?

  2. Once installed, position your mouse on the PDF document that you want to open and do right click. Then click on Open with Acrobat Reader DC in the menu that appears.How to open a PDF file?

  3. If this statement does not appear, click on Open with, And then Choose the default program.How to open a PDF file?

  4. Select Acrobat Reader DC, then validate by clicking on OK.How to open a PDF file?

Your PDF document will then open. You can read it, of course, but also highlight certain passages, sign it and even leave comments. Acrobat Reader DC is a real nugget, while remaining accessible to all, you will adopt it!

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