How do I set Firefox as my default browser?

Firefox is a simple and intuitive browser, but above all ultra powerful. If you like its use, you can set it as your default browser. Firefox will then be the browser with which all the links you follow will open.

Let's see how to properly configure Mozilla Firefox so that it becomes your default web browser.

Set Firefox as the default browser

  1. Click on Menu and select the line Options.

  2. Stay in the category General. It is written Firefox is not your default browser. On the right, click Define by default....

  3. Your application Windows settings will open in Default applications.

  4. Go down to Web browser and click on the icon of your current browser (here Chrome), then select Firefox in the dialog box that just opened.

Notes : If a window asking you to set Firefox as your default browser opens at the same time as your Firefox page, click on it. You will come directly to the game Default applications your settings and can change the browser.

So that Firefox is no longer your default browser, you will have to go to your computer's settings at Applications. The change to another browser is indeed not offered in the options accessible from Firefox. Once at Default applications of your parameters, the process is exactly the same as before!

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