How do I set Google Chrome as my default browser?

Depending on the operating system used by your computer, your default browser may not be Google Chrome. If you want to use the latter, you will have to configure Google Chrome as such thanks to this very simple tutorial.

If you've just bought a new computer, you may not be able to access your favorite browser. Indeed, whatever the medium (computer, tablet or smartphone), each operating system defines its own default browser. Usually, PCs use Internet Explorer while Macs turn to Safari instead.

Set Google Chrome as the default browser

  1. Open Google Chrome. Click on the menu : it is the icon of the three vertical dots at the top right. Then click on Parameters.

  2. A new tab opens. Go down to the section Default browserAnd click Use by default.

  3. The page updates and now displays Google Chrome is your default browser.

  4. If you have Windows 10, the default applications window will open. Click on Google Chrome to set it as the default browser.

Thus, as soon as you click on a hypertext link or an Internet shortcut from any program, the latter will open to display the requested page. But this setting is not fixed: you can change it and opt for another default web browser.

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