Google Chrome wants a cookie-free web this year

Google wants the skin of third-party cookies on Chrome. This targeted advertising technology has long been criticized for its lack of respect for user privacy. Google wants to change these practices by purely and simply deleting third-party cookies from Chrome.

Google Chrome wants a cookie-free web this year

Cookies will soon be a thing of the past in Chrome. Google wants to do away with this very popular practice in the field of advertising, because it does not respect privacy. This elimination will represent a major evolution in the way the web works and this technology will be replaced by another which will not take into account the individual navigation of users.

Privacy Sandbox is the name given by Google to this initiative. The transition will begin next April with the release of the Chrome 90 update, which will allow these third-party cookies to be disabled. Thus, Chrome will join Firefox and Safari in this segment, which block tracking by default.

The goal is to remove the use of third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022 and thus prevent any breach of privacy. A good initiative which, said like that, could bring a cold sweat to advertisers. But the Mountain View firm does not intend to abandon this financial windfall and will propose an alternative.

Grouped rather than individual tracking

Google has absolutely no intention of depriving itself of advertising. The giant is working on a new method based on the grouped collection of navigation information, without having access to private information.

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Clearly, Internet users will be grouped according to their habits in gigantic and anonymous groups. Advertisers will then have the option of targeting advertisements to these groups. For example, those who like Lego will be classified as such and ads about the latest sets will show up while they're on Chrome. A technique which, the company promises, would not change anything for the advertisers in terms of revenue.

A less invasive technique that gives for the moment good results, according to Google. However, we are only at the beginning of the process and the cookies still have a few months of life ahead of them. In any case, the machine is launched and we can hope for a more privacy-friendly web in the coming years.

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