Freebox Pop: Free plans to allow recordings on external hard drive

The Freebox Pop could soon allow recording on an external hard drive and no longer only on the cloud. Following the criticisms formulated by subscribers, Free is indeed considering authorizing recordings on physical media such as a USB key for example. 

Unlike other Freeboxes, the Freebox Pop, the affordable box from the ISP, does not allow you to record programs on a physical storage medium such as a hard disk or a USB key. Likewise, the box is not equipped with a real hard drive in the Player for recordings. It is therefore not possible to store content internally or externally on physical media.

With the Freebox Pop, Free puts everything on the cloud. Xavier Niel's operator provides subscribers 100 hours of recordings directly in the cloud. If you exceed this limit, you will have to pay 1 euro cent per additional MB per month. To enjoy recordings in the cloud under the best conditions, it is better to have a fiber connection rather than ADSL.

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Free could allow recordings on USB key and hard drive

Very attentive to feedback from subscribers, Free plans to allow recordings on an external physical medium, reports Univers Freebox. On the bugtracker, the Freebox Pop bug tracking system, a customer asked if the option was going to be unlocked soon. Thibaut, a developer at Free, quickly responded by assuring that “the possibility of 'physical' registration is under study”. 

The man unfortunately does not give more details on the subject. We therefore ignore when the recordings on an external hard drive will be available on the Freebox Pop. It could still be several months before Free activates the recordings on an external physical medium. Likewise, the ISP could still change its mind.

As a reminder, the Freebox Pop is offered at € 29,99 per month without commitment for the first year, then € 39,99 per month beyond. To find out more about the full offer, we invite you to consult our file dedicated to the Freebox. We'll tell you more about the recordings as soon as possible.

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