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More than a quarter of a century has passed since the PDF was launched in 1991. Since then the PDF format has become a part of our life and surely many of us don't even remember how things were before. PDF has revolutionized the way we share documents, view and read information stored electronically, online and offline.

If in some cases it is better to leave books and magazines in the digital PDF format, there are some cases in which it is convenient to take advantage of the latest HTML update (HTML5) to transform "static PDF files" into something more "animated" such as i am browsable files (flipbbok) made in HTML5.


The purpose of this article is not to undermine the value of the PDF. It certainly remains the best choice for many types of documents, starting with eBooks to invoices and other official documents. PDF files are easy to store, accessible from all platforms, and appear the same regardless of which device you choose to access them.

HTML5, on the other hand, it's a great choice for web-based files and applications. The latest updates make hypertext language independent of external plugins and applications when it comes to animations and multimedia files and this is one of the main reasons why it has become so popular in a relatively short time.

We can then keep our PDF files but we can also convert them to flipbook HTML5 when it is necessary to make them available for the online viewing.

Why Convert PDF to HTML5 Flipbook

There are many reasons that lead to the conversion of a PDF in HTML5. We reiterate that this is not a simple PDF conversion into static HTML pages, but the transformation of PDF into browsable files to be published and read directly online. Here are some types of PDFs that should be converted into HTML5 flipbooks for online viewing (perhaps on your website or that of your company):

  1. Brochures
  2. Magazines and online newspapers
  3. Operating manuals
  4. Online courses
  5. Online catalogs
  6. Shop flyers

By converting these documents into HTML5 flipbooks, they will become more accessible for your customers and fans. An HTML5 code is easy to embed in a web page or newsletter, and therefore easier to read as well. At the same time, flipbooks are more beautiful to look at and thanks to HTML5 features, they support animations, effects and many other additions.

In the past, animations were created in Java o Flash. Now everything has been replaced by the HTML5 format that supports these features without the need to install an external plugin and perfectly overcomes the compatibility problems with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)

Advantages Flipbook HTML5

Before understanding how to convert PDF to HTML5, we want to list the most important advantages of HTML5 flipbooks:

Accessibilità. You don't need email attachments. Just insert the direct link in an email to share your magazine or easily embed it on a website or blog.

Audio and video support. This means that you can easily integrate multimedia files into your documents

Supporto browser. No more problems with incompatibility and incorrectly displayed web pages. HTML5 flipbooks work flawlessly on all modern browsers.

Mobile friendly. Your readers will not need to install additional apps to view your publications, as they are directly accessible online via a browser.

Advanced reporting. It is also possible to track views, clicks, reader positions or other data with a flipbook. With a PDF all this is obviously not traceable

How to Convert PDF to HTML5 Flipbook

After seeing all the benefits of HTML5 we can finally see how to turn a PDF into a browsable file. We have actually already described all the steps to follow in the following article: how to create browsable PDF online

Create Browsable PDF: Brochures, Catalogs and Flyers

You can use a service free which converts PDF to Browsable PDF directly online and which is called or a software called Flip PDF one of the best around. All you have to do is import the PDF into the program, make any changes and finally start the conversion. It is possible to save the flipbook generated on your computer (and then manually upload it to your website) or upload it directly online and use the generated link to use it in your newsletter, blog or website.

Here are a few example of browsable PDF (click on the image to open the flipbook on another page):




Once uploaded the flipbook online, do you receive an html code to insert on your site?

  • Yes of course .. more info can be found on this page:

Convert PDF to HTML5 Flipbook (Online Browsable PDF) -

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