Clash of Clans: pay less for your gems to take advantage of the latest news

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Collecting gold, upgrading buildings, or training troops takes a lot of time in Clash of Clans. But it is possible to speed up all these tasks by using saved. And to save money, it is in your interest to go through theAmazon Appstore. At the moment, there is an offer to recover 11 euros to use in the game, for the purchase of the big bag of gems at 21,99 euros.

Clash of Clans is an extremely time consuming game and most of the actions require resources. Gems are the rarest of them. They can be obtained in different ways such as completing achievements, facing other players or searching the elements of the scenery. You can, however, make your life easier by purchasing them directly from the Treasure Shop. Thanks to the Amazon Appstore and Coins, you will be able to do it for less.

What's new in the latest Clash of Clans patch

The December patch has arrived in Clash of Clans with a lot of new features. New units are therefore making their appearances such as the ice golem, the fate of bats to throw on enemy defenses or the stone crusher which makes it possible to attack the opponent from the skies. The siege workshop level 3 has also been changed and can store up to 6 siege machines simultaneously. To take advantage of all of these changes quickly, you will probably need a lot of gems. That's good because at the moment, there is an interesting offer on the Amazon Appstore.

How it works ?

The Amazon Appstore is an alternative to the Google Play Store. This dematerialized store allows you to pay less for your games and certain mobile applications thanks to Amazon Coins. These also allow significant savings on in-app purchases offered by many applications, including Clash of Clans.

Amazon is also currently making an offer on the big bag of gems at 21,99 euros in Clash of Clans. You will receive an additional 11 euros to spend in the game afterwards!

Find the Clash of Clans offer on Amazon

What are Amazon Coins?

Amazon Coin is Amazon's virtual currency used on the Amazon Appstore. It is very interesting for players since the more you buy, the more discounts are important. To take advantage of Coins on Clash of Clans, you simply need to install it through the Amazon Appstore.

You should know that 100 coins are worth 1 euro and that Amazon applies a discount ranging from 14 to 20% on its packs. You will be able to recover 2500 Amazon Coins worth 25 euros for only 20,75 euros. This tip will allow you to save on the purchase of gems in Clash of Clans.

You can get Amazon Coins here

How do I install the Amazon Appstore?

The manipulation is very easy to achieve. To get started, save your game of Clash of Clans through your Supercell account, then uninstall the game. You will then need to retrieve the Amazon Appstore application directly from the Amazon site. Instructions are there to help you if you are having difficulty installing the apk file.

You will find the Amazon Appstore here

Once on the Amazon page, all you have to do is follow the instructions. It's that simple.

Once this step is over, you will only have to type "Clash of Clans" in the search bar to arrive on the game page. Download the game again and launch it. You just have to buy the big bag of gems at 21,99 euros to buy the bag of gems at 10,99 € for free. You will receive an email confirming that you have 11 € to use in the game.

Find the Clash of Clans offer on Amazon

As you will recall, these gems make it possible in particular to speed up the construction of buildings, to immediately call for reinforcements when you are attacked or to buy gold. A little help that can save you the day.

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