Best Streaming Audio Recorder for Windows and Mac -

Best Streaming Audio Recorder for Windows and Mac -

Nowadays the Internet offers users the ability to share music, audio, video, radio streaming and access all these contents in a simple and free way. There are also software "Audio recorder”That allow you to record streaming music directly online and are very useful especially where there is no possibility to download the audio file. So how to choose the best audio recorder for Windows and Mac? Here we will share the top 3 gods with you best streaming audio recorder for Mac and Windows PC.

Best Streaming Audio Recorder for Windows and Mac

# 1. Streaming Audio Recorder / AllMyMusic

If you want record audio on a Windows PC or Mac, the program Streaming Audio Recorder (or AllMyMusic for Mac) is the one that can help you. This audio recorder is easy to use and allows you to record music from any audio site or application. It can detect the music that is playing and allows you to record it with just one click. It works like a virtual sound card so you get 100% original quality sound file. Here are the links to download the free demo version:


With this software, you can also customize the output audio and set the MP3 or M4A format. You can also create ringtones for iPhone or Android with the music you just recorded. Or you can directly export the music to your iTunes library and then sync the song to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.

The Mac version of this program, which is called AllMyMusic, supports all versions of Mac OSX (even the latest ones) and supports audio recording from over 500 radio stations and online music sites, including Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, and more. The main feature of this audio recorder is that it automatically detects audio information such as album name, artist and other audio data, then import it into iTunes and burn music to CD. The software user interface is very intuitive rather easy to use even for novice users. It certainly deserves the top spot on this list of the best streaming audio recorders. Among the websites on which you can record music we can mention Youtube, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, Jango, Soundcloud, Myspace, Yahoo Music, etc ...

# 2. Audacity

Audacity is another software widely used by those who want to record audio on their PC. A position that has earned it over the years thanks to the multifunctional interface, easy to use, and advanced features. As one of the most powerful software in audio editing, Audacity has the ability to record audio directly from the microphone, the line input of the computer / laptop or even via a USB / FireWire. The program is also sensitive to the recording of sounds that pass through the computer sound card in general.

With Audacity you can edit, enhance and convert recorded audio tracks and supports MP3, WAV, FLAC formats etc ...

Pros: It is one of the most featured audio recorder programs available today. Easy to use platform.
Cons: Doesn't support VST plugins. However, they can always be downloaded separately. Some users have reported problems with installing the program on their machines especially after the latest Windows update from Microsoft.

# 3. Wavosaur

Wavosaur is perhaps one of the lightest streaming audio recorder programs available. It only weighs a few hundred KB and is also portable. Despite its small size, the program manages to record audio with good quality. The platform is easy to use and the feature set may not be as rich as in Audacity, but you have everything you need in a decent audio recorder program.

Pros: Portable and easy to download or install. Reasonably feature-rich given its size and streamlined user interface.
Cons: Don't expect rich features but it must be considered that it is freeware. Updates are not provided promptly.



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Best Streaming Audio Recorder for Windows and Mac -

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