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Forgot iPhone passcode and locked iPhone? iPhone is disabled after typing wrong password several times? The iPhone screen is broken and it is impossible to enter the passcode?

If you find yourself in this unpleasant situation, don't despair. Below we will provide a valid and effective answer to all the above questions. Such an answer is called 4uKey, a software designed for unlock iPhone with locked screen, removing the passcode by setting and without having to reset the device via iTunes. Regardless of whether it is passcode to 4 or 6 cipher, Numerical code custom or alphanumeric passcode, protection touch ID o Face ID, the 4uKey program will be able to remove it in a few minutes. After removing your iPhone screen lock code, you will finally be able to access the features of your iOS device again.

Main features of 4uKey:

  1. Remove passwords and unlock screen locked iPhone
  2. Repair disabled iPhone and iPad without iTunes or iCloud
  3. Reset 4/6 digit passcode, Touch ID & Face ID
  4. Also compatible with the latest iPhone / iPad models and latest iOS versions

Below we will focus on the function SCREEN UNLOCKING iPhone, so that you can log back into your device even if you have forgotten your iPhone unlock code.

Step 1: Download and install 4uKey

To get started you will need to download and install the free demo version of 4uKey on your computer. Here are the links from which you can download the program according to the operating system of your computer: Windows or Mac OS.

After the download proceed to installation of the program on your computer. Below we will refer to installing and using the software on a Windows PC, but if you have a macOS the steps are practically identical.

During the installation you may see a screen like this in which the software also downloads some important "Apple" drivers in order to then proceed to unlock your iOS device

Immediately after installation you can start the application and you will see the following main window:

There are 2 buttons related to two very specific functions:
  1. UNLOCK SCREEN PASSCODE: allows you to remove screen passcode on iPhone and iPad
  2. UNLOCK APPLE ID: allows you to remove Apple ID on iOS devices

Below we focus on the first function. Then click on "Unlock screen passcode"To proceed with step 2

Step 2: Collega iPhone al computer

Using the USB cable supplied with the iOS device, connect your iPhone to the computer.

After connecting the iPhone to the computer via USB, the program should detect it and then you can click on START to begin the screen unlocking procedure of your iPhone.

If by chance your iPhone / iPad is not recognized by the program, no problem: follow these simple steps to first put the device in "Recovery Mode" or "DFU" and then it will surely be detected by 4uKey.

Come mettere iPhone in “Recovery Mode”:

Carefully follow the instructions that will automatically appear on the program screen to put the iPhone in "Recovery mode". Select the model of your iPhone (eg iPhone 8 or later) to get the precise and correct information.

How to put iPhone in "DFU" mode:

In addition to the "recovery mode" you can also try to put the iPhone in DFU to make it recognized by the program. Carefully follow the instructions that will appear on the program screen to put the iPhone in "DFU" mode. Select your iPhone model (eg iPhone 8 or later) to get the correct information.

Step 3: Download firmware

Once the iPhone is detected by the program, a window will open asking you to download the firmware compatible with your iPhone. First choose a destination folder and then click on the "Download"To proceed

Step 4: Launch iPhone screen unlock

Once the firmware has been successfully downloaded to your computer, just click on "START UNLOCK”And the program will proceed to remove the passcode that locks your iPhone screen.

The whole process takes only a few minutes. Always keep your device connected while removing the passcode.

Note: This process will delete the data from your iPhone because it performs a real reset of the device (the only way to be able to remove the passcode as well). After this process, the latest iOS version compatible with your device will be installed on your iPhone.

Step 5: Resetta Passcode

Once the iPhone passcode is removed you will be able to set up your iPhone as new, including the settings for the unlock code, Touch ID and Face ID. If you have a previous iTunes / iCloud backup, you can obviously restore the iPhone from the backup in order to get all the previous data back on it as well.

That's it!

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