WhatsApp Web: soon you will be able to make audio and video calls on your PC

A handful of WhatsApp users today can make audio and video calls from WhatsApp Web (site and PC application). First deployed in beta, this feature should soon be available around the world.

Making audio and video calls on WhatsApp will soon be possible // Source: Webetainfo

A very classic and democratized feature on the WhatsApp mobile application should soon land on the Web version (site and PC application) of the instant messaging service. Audio and video calls in this case, which seem almost legal to our mobile devices.

Soon available for everyone

It is once again to WAbetainfo, specialist in the genre, that we owe this find currently in test (beta) with a handful of handpicked users. But this novelty should normally be invited all over the world in the coming weeks, the site said in its report.

Source: Webetainfo

Setting up audio and video calls would materialize in the simplest way possible. An icon for each feature would appear in the top menu bar: a handset to call a caller, a camera to start a video. If you receive a call, a pop-up window will offer you to accept, decline or ignore the invitation. The contact's name and photo will also be displayed.

WhatsApp refines its experience

If you make a call, a pop-up window will also appear with the name and profile picture of the contact, a button to activate or deactivate the video, a mute button, a tab for settings and a button to hang up . So stay tuned over the next few weeks: this dual functionality may well point the tip of its nose.

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In the near future, the platform passed under the fold of Facebook in 2014 should welcome other novelties, such as the possibility of choosing a wallpaper by discussion on the mobile application. Also, adding the "Read more" tab should help you better manage your discussions.


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