To counter adblockers, Google could block certain ads directly in Chrome

In order to better help press editors to fight against ad blockers (Addblock, Addblock Plus…), Google is considering a way to block “intrusive advertisements” directly via its Internet browser, Chrome.

Google, like the press editors, is worried about the increasing use of ad blockers by Internet users, but also mobile users. During a meeting with the DNI, the Digital News Initiative, a group of European press editors, Carlo d'Asaro Biondo announced that Chrome could soon be required to block the most annoying advertisements for users. The goal ? "The idea is to find together an approach to advertising that makes it unnecessary for the Internet user to use an adblocker" he explained at the microphone of Le Figaro.


An implementation which must take into account "the needs of the different countries"

“We believe that Internet users are not against advertising, which they know is necessary for the sustainability of free media. They are actually against certain types of advertising formats, especially on mobile, which are too intrusive, ”added Carlo d'Asaro Biondo. Unfortunately, if these fine words certainly reassure the bosses of the mainstream media who do not ask for so much, they remain very vague for the moment.

Le Figaro thus thinks that this advertising blocker integrated into Chrome would take care of blocking "bad advertising formats", among which would be the videos which are launched automatically with sound, the advertisements without cross closing and, one imagines, the false alerts. viruses that automatically change the web page you are on.

In fact, Google has refrained from giving any details, whether on the targeted advertising formats or on the version of Chrome which will block advertisements (mobile version? Desktop?). Carlo d'Asarao Biondo indicated that he was working with press editors to clearly define what types of advertising to target and added that “the needs are very different from one country to another”, as if an advertising that is intrusive in one country could be considered more satisfactory in another. In short, the intentions are there, but for the moment we have the impression that this integrated ad blocker should neither be particularly violent nor happen very quickly ...

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