[Solved] Unable to Open MKV Video File on Windows -

[Solved] Unable to Open MKV Video File on Windows -

Is it possible to open MKV on Windows?

I recently upgraded to Windows 10, but when I try to play a video file . Mkv, an error message appears in the Movies & TV app. “Cannot play. This item was encoded in an unsupported format. 0xc00d5212 ". I am sure that the MKV video file is not corrupt. How come that error appears and Windows fails to play the movie?

After updating to the latest version of Windows 10, you may find that MKV files appear as a regular video file on your PC's hard drive. You can see from Microsoft's official site that MKV is in the list of supported file formats for the Movies & TV app as well. So why can't we get to play MKV files on Windows? Or why is there no audio when opening an MKV video file? If you are also facing these problems then read on, and you will find out why you can't play MKV files on Windows. We will introduce you to a couple of simple solutions for Open MKV Video Files on Windows without more problems. We have already seen how to open MKV on Android, now it's time to find out how to solve the inability to play this type of movies on Windows PC.

The simplest solution to fix MKV Windows playback problem:

UniVideoConverter is a functional and practical video converter that allows you to convert your MKV files to over 300 formats and devices to solve the problem of MKV files that cannot be played on Windows! It also allows you to extract audio from MKV files, cut MKV files, etc. To learn more read the detailed guide on how to convert MKV on Windows.

Why can it be impossible to open MKV on Windows?

MKV, also known as Matroska, is a container format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, image and subtitle tracks in a single file, which means that the MKV file contains a variety of video and audio codecs. Once encoded with an unsupported video and audio codec, the MKV file may not play on Windows or can be played without audio or video.

Actually, MKV playback problem is always a “hot” topic, sometimes you may not only not play MKV files on Windows, but also not play MKV on iPhone, iPad, Windows Media Player and many other devices and platforms. In any case, the following paragraphs will introduce methods to help you solve MKV Windows playback problem. You can choose the most appropriate method according to your needs.

How to Open MKV on Windows

Mode 1. Convert MKV to other format
Mode 2. Download MKV video codec to PC
Mode 3. Open MKV with Bluray Player

Method 1 - Convert MKV to other video format

We have already introduced what are in our opinion the best free video converters. And here we will consider the number - UniConverter - as an example to show you how to play MKV video on Windows by converting MKV to Windows compatible format. It is a reliable and practical video converter that excels at converting MKV to MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3 and other various video / audio formats and devices! Download this MKV converter to start fixing Windows MKV file playback problem.

Download the free demo version of this powerful Video Converter from the following buttons:


Step 1. Download, install and launch UniConverter on your PC

Step 2. Load the MKV file to convert into the program

There are several ways to load / import MKV files to convert. The simplest is definitely to drag and drop files from your computer to the software screen. You will also be able to import multiple MKV videos at the same time. After importing them you will see a screen like this:

Step 3. Choose output format

From the appropriate field in the program you will have to choose which format to convert the video to MKV. We recommend that you choose a format that is known to be compatible with Windows, such as AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV.

Step 4. Start conversion

Before starting the conversion select the folder where you want to save the new video file. Then press the button at the bottom right CONVERTED, and the program will start converting the MKV file to the desired format.

Method 2 - Install Missing MKV Codecs on Windows

MKV files can be played successfully by installing the codec MKV is missing. KLite codec pack is a simple free codec pack that supports playing almost all traditional audio and video files after installation.

Phase 1: Access this codec page and then click on the option "Basic Download", Then click"Mirror 1”Or any of the locations to download the KLite Codec Pack.

2 phase: When finished, choose the Windows players you want in the "File association"During installation.

3 phase: Click on "NEXT“, Select . Mkv when selecting the file extensions you want to play with the media players you have chosen. The installation of the KLite Codec Pack is finally finished. Now you can play MKV files on Windows without problems.

Just download the basic version of KLite Codec Pack. In this basic version there are all the elements that allow you to play videos of hundreds of formats, including MKV.

Method 3 - Use alternative media player to open MKV on Windows

In reality, the Windows Movies & TV app isn't quite the best. Besides compatibility problems with different video formats it also has stability problems. For this we recommend using an alternative media player such as VLC, or the BluRay Player program which supports all video formats, including MKV and can play very high resolution movies. Using this player is really intuitive.

Download the free version BluRay Player on your Windows PC or Mac OS X by the following buttons:


After downloading and installing Bluray Player you will see this initial window:

Now click on OPEN FILE and select the MKV file that you cannot open and play. You will notice that, magically, the video will play smoothly! Also in this program you will have all the controls to be able to optimize the viewing of the movie and the audio quality.

If you haven't found the solution to your problem then we recommend that you check the validity of the MKV format as it may be corrupt. If so, read our guide on what to do when video cannot be opened because there is also a section explaining how a video can be repaired.

[Solved] Unable to Open MKV Video File on Windows -

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