Société Générale launches Kapsul to respond to N26 and Revolut

To “respond to the new banking uses” of its customers (and above all to compete with big names like N26 or Revolut), Société Générale is introducing “Kapsul”, its own contribution to the neobank sector. The deal? 2 euros per month for a Visa card, a “CashBack” offer and an optional checkbook.

Already present on the online banking market through its subsidiary Boursorama, Société Générale is increasing, but this time to hunt more head-on on the lands of N26 or Revolut. The Spanish bank is launching a new brand for this purpose: Kapsul. The latter is accompanied by a simple and attractive offer, at least on paper: 2 euros per month for an account, a bank card (International Visa) and the mobile application that goes with it.

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Like its competitors, Kapsul also offers a “CashBack” system, allowing users to recover on average 5% of their expenses from the twenty or so current partners of Société Générale. Refunds paid, on request, once they have reached a cumulative threshold of 20 euros.

A checkbook on request, and some amenities of "traditional" banks

Through this formula, Société Générale explains wanting to be discovered "from € 2 per month, without income conditions or account maintenance fees while having the reinsurance of a large bank", according to its press release (PDF) .

Another advantage for Kapsul, the offer incorporates some of the amenities offered by “traditional” banks, such as the possibility of obtaining a checkbook (on demand) or even of requesting an interview with a client advisor “for operations that require expertise ”. Société Générale also explains that the Visa Kapsul card works on the principle of systematic authorization and that it is compatible with certain contactless mobile payment services (Apple Pay and Paylib, we read).

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With Kapsul, Societe Generale opts for the policy of "satisfied or reimbursed", "unprecedented in the banking sector", we are promised. The bank thus ensures that it will reimburse "up to 12 months of contributions to customers who would not be satisfied the first year".

The Kapsul formula will be offered by Société Générale as of January 28 and will be the subject of a promotional campaign throughout the first half of 2020 in Spain. In the meantime, do not hesitate to consult our bank comparator to make the best choice.

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