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WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications, perhaps the most popular among smartphone owners. Such an app makes communication simple and free. However, it can be a little annoying to use if you have to send messages to someone who is not in your address book. In this case, in fact, it must always be first add that person to your address book and then proceed to send the Whatsapp message.

This procedure is simple but tedious especially if it often happens that you have to send a message to numbers not in the phone book. In this way it also creates confusion in the address book itself because you go to accumulate contacts that are not actually useful to you and over time you will surely forget the existence. So how to solve this problem? There is a way to send a Whatsapp message to numbers not in the address book? Whatsapp messages can be sent without saving the contact in the address book? The answer to these questions is affirmative and below we point out two possible solutions.

Solution # 1: Using the Whatsapp API

At first glance, the procedure we are about to see may seem a bit complex especially for users who do not have much experience with the use of their smartphone. However once you understand how it works it becomes much more intuitive.

Step 1. Open your favorite browser on your smartphone

Step 2. Type the following link in the search bar: (In place of the Xs, enter the telephone number of the person you wish to contact, including the country code, but without the “+” sign). If the person has an Italian number (with the prefix +39) then you will need to enter a link similar to this:

Step 3. Press "Enter" on your smartphone

Step 4. A WhatsApp window will open asking you if you want to send a message to that phone number. Click on "send Message".

Step 5. You will be automatically redirected to WhatsApp with the “Start chatting” window with the person who has that number you entered in the link.

Whenever you want to get in touch with someone via WhatsApp, whether it's asking a very short question or starting a conversation, with the method described above you can do it without saving the number in the phonebook.

This procedure is fine if you have to send a message to a single contact .. if you need to send a message to several numbers not in the address book then we recommend using the following software solution.

Solution # 2: WhatSender Software

WhatSender is a software designed to send whatsapp messages from your computer, even to numbers NOT saved in the address book of your phone. It is therefore an ideal app for those who have a list of phone numbers and want to contact all those people via Whatsapp. It is no coincidence that it is also widely used in the field of Whatsapp Marketing by companies that contact their customers via Whatsapp (the communication channel that has become the favorite for many).

The first thing to do is to download and install this software on your Windows PC. Here is the download link:

Proceed with the installation and start of the program (in the 100% FREE version) and you will see this screen:

Before creating the message to be sent, you need to import the contacts, ie the recipients. As mentioned, these contacts can also NOT be saved in your address book. What you need is the phone number. If in addition to the number you also have the name, perhaps saved in a CSV or Excel file, even better because through WhatSender you can create customized messages, where the name of the person who will receive the message appears automatically.

Click on the button at the top left MATTERS  and choose between import contacts from file or enter numbers manually

After you have entered the recipients' numbers, start writing the message from the central area of ​​the program. You can also attach photos, videos or documents to send with the text message (or send only the multimedia file…).

Finally, just click on SEND.

This will open the black Windows Command Prompt window and the Whatsapp Web window with a QR code. Open Whatsapp on your phone, go to the Menu and click on Whatsapp Web. Bring the phone close to the PC screen and scan the QR code. Once this is done, the program will start sending messages to all imported contacts.


In addition to the two methods described above, there are also several applications (downloadable from the Google Play Store) that allow you to send Whatsapp messages to numbers not in the address book and without saving contacts. However, many of these apps are not fully functional and are also full of false advertising, so we have decided not to list them in the article.


If with WS I send a message to a number not in the address book, which may not even have Whatsapp, what happens?

  • The program tries to send anyway .. and returns the error in the LOG section on the right indicating that it is a "not whatsapp" number

Send Whatsapp Message to Numbers Not in the Address Book -

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