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Are you trying to open some photos you just recovered using for example a Photo Recovery software, but you get an error window like this?

Before saying that the photo is corrupt we suggest you to use another photo viewer program. For example, you could try opening photos with Photo Viewer, a very powerful software that allows you to open photos and images of any format.

Usually, when the error “unable to view image” appears, the photo is corrupted and damaged. In these cases the only solution you can try is the one provided by JPEG Repair. It is a simple photo and image repair tool in JPEG format. This software allows you to restore damaged photos, even if they are illegible. The repair takes place without altering or modifying the original format of the images and with it it is also possible to recover images from memory cards, hard drives and any other secondary storage media.

Its operation is very simple: just import the image and start the analysis. After the repair the image will be previewed on the program screen.

This software is able to recover data even if the header of the photo is damaged or in cases where the photo does not open and the classic error "Windows Photo Viewer: Cannot Open Image".

Thanks anyway to preview function of the files after the repair, you will be able to understand if the photo is correct or not. Unfortunately, in the event of serious damage to the file, it cannot be restored to 100% and in this case the only thing you could try to do is to recover the "thumbnail" version of the photo, that is, at a reduced size and resolution. .

Download the version of JPEG Repair for your Windows PC or Mac OS X computer now:


Once the corrupt images are repaired you can proceed to save them in the desired location (it is always advisable to save the restored data in a folder / directory different from the original one!).

NB: The JPEG Repair program is able to repair only those photos that have been taken correctly and that have become corrupted afterwards (eg during transfer or copying to a device, etc.). If a photo is already damaged in the "shooting" phase, therefore in its original state, it cannot be repaired in any way.

Situations that cause damage to photos and images

> Virus attack
> Image header that is damaged or incomplete.
> Damage to the MBT or MBR
> Incomplete transfer from camera to PC / Mac or from SD card to PC / Mac

In all these cases, JPEG Repair can definitely help restore the damaged photo preserving the original format of the photographs themselves. This JPEG / JPG recovery software is widely used by professional photographers and is also characterized by its simple and intuitive interface, which makes it suitable even for less experienced PCs.

Happy restore!

I don't see only photos of January 2017 there are the dates of the shot and there is an empty window, all the high ones yes and I had already uploaded them on the PC how can I recover only those of January 2017 thanks

  • It didn't work in my case either. (photo taken with galaxy s, initially normal and damaged following copies)

  • In my case, the error that corrupted the photos was due to the sudden shutdown of the smartphone due to the discharge of the battery.
    The files had been correctly saved and luckily someone had posted it to friends.
    The program could not even recover a photo!
    What purpose does it serve?

    • The program is available in free demo version just to evaluate if the recovery is feasible or not. In your case it apparently did not work, to many others it did (unfortunately only those who have problems write the comments and not those who solve). Also try to use the dr.fone program .. if those photos have been overwritten or partially deleted, it is likely that they are still fully recoverable from the phone's internal memory.

  • it didn't solve anything for me.

    • As stated in the article, the JPEG Repair program is able to repair only those photos that have been taken correctly and that have become corrupted later .. if they are damaged already in the acquisition phase, they cannot be repaired in any way.

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