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Il PDF it is perhaps the most popular format for creating and viewing documents. PDF stands for Portable Document Format - and it is so named because it can be managed on all types of devices without software, hardware or operating system limitations. Any document created on the PC can be easily viewed on the Mac or even on the smartphone and tablet.

PDF is a preferred format over other formats, such as Word, because it adds an extra security level that other formats do not have. PDF documents are in fact notoriously difficult to edit unless you use a PDF Editor. You can also set up password protection or even use watermarks to prevent other people from sharing your document.

But even the PDF is not foolproof. Even the PDF can suddenly get corrupted or damaged, thus preventing us from opening and viewing it. We have already seen how repair corrupt files in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, ZIP and even JPEG formats. In this article it is the turn of the PDF and we will find out how to repair Corrupted or damaged PDF.

When does a PDF file get damaged?

One of the main reasons behind a corrupt PDF is the way it was created. The use of free online tools or improper software, can generate non-standard PDFs and therefore do not open correctly. In this regard, we advise you to read the article "Cannot open PDF”Which tells you how to find out if a PDF is really damaged.

Excessive use of the PDF file can also cause corruption, mainly due to software glitches. Many users also report that their PDF files open very slowly or do not open at all after viewing them multiple times online. Opening a PDF file on the browser instead of a dedicated player it can cause file corruption.

If you are trying to open a PDF file from a link within your browser, you may encounter errors and the file may not open. This may be due to the missing browser plug-in that allows you to view PDF files.

Or when you send PDF files by email, they are likely to be corrupted because they are not fully loaded. To prevent this from happening it is always advisable to first use a compression program such as WinZip that compresses the PDF.

More possible causes of PDF file corruption are connection errors while downloading the PDF file (which results in a partial download), HDD failure, power outages, compression errors, system errors, editing, printing and virus attacks. 26

Now that we know all the possible causes of PDF file corruption, we can proceed to see how to fix them!

How to Repair Corrupted or Damaged PDF

If you encounter one of the following errors then you are faced with a corrupt PDF and you can try to repair it:

  1. PDF file not readable with your software
  2. The root object is invalid or missing
  3. The file is damaged or corrupted
  4. An error occurred while opening this document
  5. An error occurred while processing this page
  6. Information not understood by the viewer
  7. Format error: it is not a PDF file or it is damaged

The best way to fix and repair corrupt PDFs is to use a tool from PDF repair. Among these we point out the program PDF Repair.

Here's how it works:

Step 1. Download, install and launch PDF Repair

Click on the following button to access the page where you can download the free demo version of the program:

Here is the main window that will open immediately after installation:

Step 2. Import PDF files to be repaired

Click on the button at the top left SELECT FILES to import the corrupt PDF

Step 3. Start the PDF repair

Click on the bottom right REPAIR to start repairing the selected PDF. At this point you just have to wait for the end of the process. Under the “Program Indicator” column you will see “Done” as soon as the repair is complete.


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