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Few years ago Apple released (in conjunction with the release of iOS 9 ) l鈥檃pp Move to iOS,  an application that allows you to  transfer data (SMS, contacts, photos and videos, bookmarks, mail accounts and calendars) from Android phones to iPhone or iPad.

This app allows data to be passed in Wi-Fi mode, but the Android device must be running Android 4.0 or later and the iPhone or iPad must have iOS 9 or later to work.

But it must be said that at the moment this App is not very intuitive to use and, as can also be seen from the evaluation and comments on the Google Play Store, it still has several compatibility problems and bugs. For this reason we are here to report valid ones alternative a MOVE TO IOS to pass data from Android to iPhone in a simple way, without using the Wi-Fi connection and by installing a simple program on your computer (PC or Mac). We are talking in particular of the following programs:

  1. dr.Fone Switch
  2. MobileTrans

#1. dr.Fone Switch

dr.Fone Switch is a module included in the dr.Fone package that allows you to transfer data between any two devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.). It supports all Android and iOS operating systems, even the latest versions! How does it work? Very simple.

First download the free demo version on your PC or Mac from the links below:


After installing and opening the program, click on the function TELEPHONE TRANSFER and you can proceed to connect the two mobile phones and transfer the data you want (sms, photos, contacts, music, videos, etc ...)

Always through dr.Fone, by accessing the function RESET SOCIAL APP you can also transfer Whatsapp chats from iOS to Android or from iOS to another iOS device.

#2. Mobiletrans

Here are the links to download the free demo version of MobileTrans:


MobileTrans is a software that allows not only to transfer data from Android to iPhone, but it also allows the transfer of data from iPhone to Android, or backs up the Android / iOS device on the computer, restores data from backup, etc ... In short, it is an all-round software that facilitates the life of those who often change smartphones.

Guide: How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

Step 1. Install and run MobileTrans

Here is the splash screen you will see:

Step 2. Collega iPhone e Android al computer

Use a USB cable to connect both phones to the computer. From the mobiletrans home screen, click on the blue area to access the data transfer window:

Make sure that the source device (in our case Android) appears on the left of the program and the iPhone (target device) on the right of the software.

Step 3. Data transfer from Android to iPhone

Choose the data to transfer (sms, contacts, apps, music, photos, etc ..) and finally click on START COPY to proceed with the data transfer from Android to iPhone.

That's all! Download and try this great one now alternativa a MOVE TO IOS to pass all your data from Android to iPhone in just one click! MobileTrans supports all Android models and versions, and is compatible with iPhone 12/11 / X / 8/7/6

Great program! thanks for the tip!

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