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It is a very unfortunate event but unfortunately it can happen to lose your iPhone. Sometimes it is not a question of the loss of the device but of a real one theft. In addition to obviously reporting the loss or theft of the iPhone, one of the first things that must be done in such cases is to try to use the tools that Apple makes available to users to track the device (thanks to the service Find My iPhone, if it was active) and to block its use by always accessing the Apple website.

After you have taken steps to block and report the loss or theft of the iPhone, the other important thing to do is recover the data that were present in the lost or stolen iPhone: photos, whatsapp chats, notes, contacts, calendar, videos, applications, etc ...

To carry out the data recovery from a lost or stolen iPhone, obviously we cannot use the device as it is no longer in our possession. But we can try to figure out if any backups have been done on iTunes or on iCloud. Usually the backup to iTunes is done automatically when you connect the iPhone to the computer, so if you have done this recently you have a good chance of recovering your data. Or if the iCloud backup was active on the iPhone, you can rest assured that all your data will be there and are ready to be recovered or brought back to another device (both iOS and Android).

A very quick and easy way to try to recover data from iTunes or iCloud backup and then save it on your computer is to use  Dr.Fone per iOS  (for Windows users) or Dr.Fone per iOS(Mac) (for Mac users).

Download the trial version of this program from the links below:


How to Recover Lost or Stolen iPhone Photos, Whatsapp Chats, Notes and Contacts

Step 1: Select the backup for scanning

Install and launch dr.fone on your computer. Access the DATA RECOVERY function and then, from the left of the program, select the “iTunes Backup Recovery” or “iCloud Backup Recovery” function. In the case of recovery from iTunes backup, the program will automatically search for all the backups present on your computer and ready to be scanned to extract their data (photos, notes, whatsapp chats, contacts, videos, etc ...).

In case you try the recovery from iCloud backup, you will need to enter your Apple ID / Password to access the iCloud service and view all the backups present. Then, again through dr.fone you can download and analyze the backup and then proceed to recover and save the data that interest you.

Step 2: Data recovery of a lost or stolen iPhone

In both cases (either for iTunes or iCloud backup recovery), the program will list all the files found and still recoverable. You will be able to preview the data in order to select those of interest and proceed with the recovery by clicking on "Recover".

That's it!


iPhone Lost or Stolen? Recover Photos, Whatsapp Chat, Notes and Contacts -

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