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“How do I recover the passwords saved on my iPhone? I have already searched Google and found such an answer: open the app Settings> scroll down and tap Safari > In section General, touch Password… But when I tried it I couldn't get past step 2 because there are no passwords saved in Safari. I ask for your help to be able to view the passwords stored on the iPhone, both those of the wi-fi and those used to access the various websites. "

If you're asking yourself these questions too, you're probably having a hard time finding them password save yourself on your iPhone. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the things you have saved on your iPhone as this device tends to save all kinds of data in various memory locations. If you still haven't figured out where the passwords saved on your iPhone are, this article will be of great use to you.

Once you have read the entire article, you will learn the various methods to view passwords stored on the iPhone. Each of the methods described below will allow you to access passwords that you have knowingly or unknowingly saved on your iOS-based device. Well, let's get started right away!

Part 1. Recover Saved Passwords on iPhone with 4uKey Password Manager

If you often find yourself short of time and looking for a quick way to find passwords saved on your iPhone, then you need to rely on software that can help you access the passwords saved on your device.

The software in question is called 4uKey – Password Manager and is a little program specially designed to recover and view passwords saved on iPhone then saving them all on your computer. All you have to do is click a button and the software will scan your device for any saved passwords. Here are the types of passwords the software can recover for you from your device:

  1. Wi-Fi passwords saved on iPhone / iPad without jailbreak
  2. Stored websites and app login passwords
  3. Screen passcode (forgotten)
  4. View mail account, credit card information
  5. Search for the Apple ID stored on your device

Interesting, right? Then download 4ukey Password Manager right away by clicking on the following link and then pressing the Download button.

DOWNLOAD 4uKey Password for Windows or Mac (from the official website)

If you would like to see the software in action on how it helps to access saved passwords on your iPhone, the following should help you.

Step 1. Download and install the software on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and launch the software.

Step 2. When you see a message on your iPhone, tap Authorize in order to allow the software to communicate with your device. Then click on Start Scan the password search activity will start in the software.

Step 3. The software will start the scanning process. Be patient as it searches your device for saved passwords. Once you have found the passwords you will be able to view them on the screen. Use the options in the left sidebar to filter the desired passwords.

Part 2. See Passwords Saved via Settings

Another way to access the passwords saved on your iPhone is to use the app Settings. The app has a section where you can view saved passwords, but you can only view the login password to some websites and application passwords.

The function allows you to view the details of the following:

  1. Password to access the various websites
  2. Application passwords

Go up Settings -> Password and account -> Website and app password and authenticate login using Face ID or Touch ID. From all the displayed items, tap the item whose password you want to view.

As you can see, the Settings app only offers the display of a limited number of passwords, but it helps to view some passwords on iPhone.

Part 3. See Credit Card Info Saved on iPhone

Your iPhone also offers the ability to save credit card details so that you can automatically fill in the details when you buy something via the device itself (without re-entering all of your data each time). The function to view these details is simple to use.

Go to Settings> Safari> Autofill> Saved Credit Cards on your iPhone. You will then be able to view the relevant information.

Part 4. Find passwords stored on iPhone using iCloud Keychain (Mac)

Il iCloud keychain saves different types of passwords on your iPhone and allows you to sync this data with any Apple device, including your Mac. This tool saves the following information and syncs it to your Apple devices:

  1. Credit card details
  2. Usernames and passwords for websites
  3. Password WiFi
  4. Internet account

It is quite easy to use the Keychain Access app to reveal all the passwords you have stored on your iPhone. The reason you are able to view your iPhone passwords on your Mac is because Keychain, as mentioned above, syncs your passwords across all your devices. Here's how to view saved passwords on iPhone using the Keychain Access app on a Mac.

1) Click Safari > Pref Renze from the menu bar.

2) Select the tab Password and enter your device password.

3) You will see a list of all locations and usernames for passwords you have stored with Keychains. Click one to view the password.

4) If necessary, you can click Details below after selecting a location to make changes or share the password. Then, click end when you have finished.

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