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ES File Manager was one of the best file manager for Android that in addition to allowing the management of data of the Android device had many other interesting features such as remote control of files via wifi, file sharing between two Android devices, data analyzer on SD card, etc ... Let's talk in the past because for a year or so Google decided to remove it from the Google Play Store because the app was not very transparent with customer data.

In fact, criticisms of this app have multiplied on the Play Store, one of the most frequent concerns very invasive advertising that appeared on the app. Furthermore it must be said that ES File Manager it was not a useful app for those who own an iPhone and it is not ideal for those who want to manage phone data from both PC and Mac.

Below we want to point out 3 excellent ones alternatives to ES File Manager per Android e iPhone, per PC e Mac.

#1. MobileGO (per Android)

MobileGO App is an application that can be downloaded from the Play Store and which allows your Android mobile phone to communicate with the PC (on the latter you only need to download and install the software version of MobileGO for Android). With this tool you can manage your phone data directly from your PC both in Wi-Fi mode and via USB cable connection.

Once the connection between phone and computer has been established, you can do a series of operations such as:

  • Manage apps, contacts, sms, photos, music, photos and videos
  • Import and export files to and from your phone / computer
  • Transfer files between two mobile phones
  • Get ROOT permissions on Android phone
  • Back up and restore phone data in just one click

#2. TunesGO (per Android e iPhone)

If you are looking for one valid alternative to ES File Manager that allows you to manage the data of both your Android phone and iPhone, we recommend that you try TunesGO, a program that once installed on a PC / Mac allows you to manage all the files on your smartphone directly from your computer. It is very simple to use and all you need to do is connect your mobile to your computer via USB to start managing your files.

At the top of the program you will find the categories of data to manage (music, videos, photos, contacts / sms, apps, explorer) and in the ToolBox section you can find additional features such as Root, USB creation for car radios, iTunes library recovery, data transfer between two devices, etc ...

#3. File Expert

File Expert is an app very similar to ES File Manager that allows you to access and manage the data on your Android phone's SD card, manage files on cloud services, SMB, FTP, WebDAV, HTTP, NAS, USB OTG and also access the internal memory phone (once rooted). It is possible to browse the files both on the basis of the classic tree hierarchy and on the basis of categories or on the basis of the last modification date of the files. File Expert is simple, safe and quick to use. It is free and does not need to use a PC / Mac to manage files. The only disadvantage is that it displays various advertisements that are sometimes invasive.




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