Dyson V8 Absolute test: more comfort and more range

While Dyson has already set sail for stick vacuum cleaners, dropping the competition from a good distance, the British manufacturer offers with the V8 Absolute a new "clean" emptying system and better autonomy. On paper, the V8 has it all.


Presented in June, the V8 Absolute made its appearance in shops last week. Launched at € 599, it uses the architecture of its predecessors and at the same time their versatility. Dyson's main promise is better battery life of up to 40 minutes - beware, let's not get carried away, the "until" does matter! Another point of improvement: the "clean" emptying system of the collector. Used on the Big Ball canister vacuum cleaner, this process is here adapted to a broom: a seal goes down the length of the filtration unit in order to eject the dust when emptying. Finally, many small improvements have been made to optimize user comfort, we are promised.

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The V8 Absolute takes up the particular architecture of the Dyson stick vacuum cleaners: the motor unit, the manifold and the handle are located at the top of a long, very thin handle at the end of which the accessories are connected. This offers versatility since it can be used both on the ground and in heights or as a hand vacuum cleaner. 

The main block is very similar to that of the V6 Absolute, as is its weight (1,6 kg, when Dyson announces a total weight of 2,6 kg). As for the telescopic tube, Dyson changes the color on each new model and the V8 swaps the pink tube of the V6 against orange, always matt and which does not catch fingerprints. 

The filters are found in the same locations (at the rear of the engine block and in its center). It is always a trigger that activates the suction and stops the process when released. Even if it is quite flexible, we keep asking Dyson for a system to block it and be able to suck continuously. However, the choice of such a system is voluntary: automatically stopping the suction (for example when you move something) saves the battery. A choice that we understand in practice.

As for the button activating the maximum power, it has changed place and shape. On previous versions, notably the V6 Absolute, it was installed at the rear of the engine. It is now a pusher (not a light indication) installed on top of the motor unit / handle. In this location, it is clearly visible to the user, who cannot go wrong by leaving the max mode activated and therefore possibly losing a lot of autonomy.

We note that Dyson has changed its indicator lights indicating the state of the battery - finally! On previous versions, there was a single indicator light. The V8 has a more accurate display based on three briquettes that gradually turn off as the battery drains. It is useful to anticipate.

Another point of development: the fixing clips which allow the accessories to be connected to the telescopic tube and the tube to the engine block are much more flexible and practical; these are the same as the Big Ball sled. In use, it is more pleasant.

The V8 is supplied with a large turbobrush (with twisted nylon bristles and carbon fiber) like that of the V6, a Fluffy brush, a small turbobrush and two small nozzles that are stored on the charging base. The accessory pack is complete, but the two floor brushes are thick and, unlike the V6's very thin parquet brush, they do not fit under some low furniture.

The charging base that attaches to the wall remains the same, discreet and practical. It also welcomes small suckers. It should be remembered that the base is essential, because due to their architecture, Dyson brooms do not hold in the parking position, which can disconcert or even annoy some users. 

The new drain system optimizes maintenance, but also contributes to the general comfort of use of the V8. Previous Dyson brooms were already very comfortable to use; we appreciate that a few things of "detail" make the experience even better.


The emptying system is one of the notable developments. Before, you had to push a button down to open the collector and empty it. Now, we pull a small cleat on the top. A seal slides along the filter block, guiding the dust down. When you pull to the end, the opening of the collector hatch is even automatic. Note that the filtration unit is now made of metal and provided with a very fine grid, in which the waste does not "crash". The seal slides there very well.

The process is efficient, well thought out and even at the time of closing, it does not get stuck as had happened to us a few times with the Big Ball sled. It will be particularly appreciated by people with pets, whose hair tends to accumulate between the filtration unit and the wall of the collector, thus hindering emptying. 

The multicyclonic filtration system is as efficient as ever and after our tests, including our cocoa suction test, the filters are flawless. They come out immaculate without having taken a gram.

Air outlet filter.

In the center of the filtration unit, there is a cylindrical front-engine filter, assisted by a round air outlet filter, behind the engine unit. Both are washable with water; Dyson recommends doing this once a month.

Front-engine filter.

As for the brushes, all of them can be dismantled, whether they are turbobrushes or the Fluffy brush. This allows them to get rid of hair, animal hair, carpet fringes which are rolled up in them.

As for the Fluffy brush, its fabric rollers can even be washed.

Disassembly of the Fluffy brush.

Cleanup is limited and Dyson does everything to make it easier.


It should be noted that in max mode, the V8 is more powerful than its predecessor (115 airwatt against 100 AW for the V6). According to our tests, if you choose the right brush, normal mode is sufficient on all surfaces.

On very dirty hard ground and with thick waste, surprisingly, the turbobrush fared better, collecting all the test rice in 30 s at normal power. The Fluffy brush requires the use of the max mode to suck up all the waste in 30 s (96% in normal mode). 

On fine carpet, this time it is the Fluffy brush that is preferred, because it collects all the waste in 30 s in normal mode. The turbobrush is doing quite well (97%), but using maximum power. 

Finally, on thick carpet, the two accessories again provide good results, with better efficiency of the turbobrush, which sucks up all the test rice in less than 2 min, already reaching 98% in 1 min. The Fluffy brush, more intended for hard floors, however does not demerit (97% in 2 min).

The results are excellent on all surfaces, without any resistance to the ground, so effortless.


Dyson has succeeded in reducing the noise level of its V8. Moreover, noise was the main black point of the V6 (from 78 to 80 dB (A)). We measured much less on the V8: in normal mode, 66 dB (A) with the Fluffy brush and 70 dB (A) with the turbobrush. In max mode, the sound level necessarily rises a little, from 72 to 74 dB (A). We stay far from the flights of the V6.


Once the battery is charged, consumption is zero, which is particularly appreciable on this type of device that is left plugged in constantly. When charging, the V8 consumes 22,7 W. A full charge takes about 5 h (a little longer than for the V6, 3 h) and consumes 0,072 kWh.


Since the first generations of Dyson stick vacuum cleaners, the manufacturer has been able to lighten the motor unit / handle part, the one that mainly weighs on the arm. In this case, the V8 remains of a reasonable weight, which allows cleaning without difficulty even during prolonged sessions. The heads are also flexible and the telescopic tube being thin, you can also easily pass between pieces of furniture, or even underneath. Finally, the format of the Dyson brooms gives them versatility, allowing them to clean at height, on the ground or even on a sofa (in "vacuum" mode), the car ...


The manufacturers always advertise an autonomy of "up to x minutes", understand at the lowest power. In the case of the V8, Dyson announces "up to 40 minutes". In this case, as soon as one uses the motorized brushes (namely the two brushes intended for the maintenance of the grounds or the mini turbobrush), the autonomy is reduced. It can reach 40 minutes (in normal mode), but only when using the small nozzles (we measured 43 minutes). This will delight those who like to pamper their car, for example, but you should not expect to clean the floors of your home for 40 minutes.

In normal mode, the battery life is 30 minutes with the Fluffy brush and 25 minutes with the turbobrush. Our tests confirmed these times (we measured in each case about 1 min more). This still represents a gain of 5 to 10 min compared to the V6. 

Finally, at max power, Dyson promises only 7 min - we measured 8 min 59 s (with motorized brush) - it is 2 min more than the V6. This remains little, but in most cases, especially for cleaning normally dirty floors (our tests are carried out in "extreme" situations), the normal mode is sufficient.


  • Very good suction efficiency on all floors.

  • Very efficient air / dust filtration.

  • Maneuverability and robustness.

  • Improved autonomy.

Weak points

  • No system to lock the trigger.

  • Thick floor brushes.

  • No parking position except wall charger (linked to the architecture).


Note globale

The V8 Absolute inherited the strengths of its predecessors: versatility, maneuverability and excellent suction efficiency on all terrains. The new emptying system works wonderfully, limiting contact with dust. As for autonomy, as promised by Dyson, it is also improved. Finally, some ergonomic points have been revised, such as the accessory connection system or the battery level display, optimizing comfort in use. With this V8, Dyson signs yet another highly recommendable broom.

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