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The section sites visited frequently of Safari in iOS (iPhone, iPad) appears when you open the browser on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to open a new tab or blank page. While this can be a convenient way to give you quick access to web pages and sites you visit often, it can also be annoying to let search engines know about your sites. You may not want to share them with anyone! Apart from the modality concerning the implications on the privacy on multi-user devices, you can also prevent Safari from seeing our most visited sites. Use the Safari private browsing mode allows you to avoid seeing the sites used often in the appropriate section. Or you can delete all sites from the tab or disable the function on iOS.

How to Disable Frequently Visited Sites on iOS Safari

To do this, you need to quit Safari if you have previously opened it. Then you have to open the settings and deactivate by putting the lever on OFF the option Frequently visited sites.

At this point, you need to exit Safari so that the changes are automatically saved. THE Frequently visited sites will no longer be displayed and the window will be grayed out. Depending on the Safari settings, therefore, it is possible to activate or deactivate this function which for many can be annoying, but at the same time for others useful.

If you disable the option for frequently visited sites, created to simplify access to the sites you use most, you can still add them to your favorites or bookmarks. Like all other iOS settings, if you decide to do the reverse, you can easily reactivate by returning to iOS Settings by turning the lever to On.

What is the purpose of the Safari feature that suggests the most visited sites?

In fact, it is convenient for many people to open Google and already find a range of options made up of the sites that are usually visited: instead of having to search for Gmail in the Google bar, just click on its icon within this tab. There is no privacy violation on the part of the search engine that suggests the sites to you. Everything will be used only and exclusively to simplify the search action, making it more immediate and intuitive even for those who do not know how to use the computer or for those who do not want or time to enter the text in the search bar.

How to Clear History of Sites Visited on iPhone and iPad

To clear the history of sites visited by Safari, on your iPhone and iPad just access the device Settings and then click on the app SAFARI. At this point, among the various options, you will also see the one that allows you to Clear the history, or cookies or cache.

This manual method works but does not guarantee that the deleted data is unrecoverable by powerful iPhone and iPad data recovery programs. If you want to remove this information in definitive way We recommend that you take a look at the guide: How to permanently delete Safari history on iPhone and iPad.

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