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What are “Documents and Data” on iPhone / iPad?

To understand what the "Documents and data“, You must first understand how iOS applications work. Each IOS application works in a sandbox environment, this means that each application has its own individual storage so you don't need to retrieve data from another segment.
Folder "Documents and data”Contains various information useful for the application. For example, the Amazon Kindle app stores downloaded eBooks (for offline access) in its “Documents & Data” folder. The Safari app instead uses this folder to store browser settings and cache.
Due to this management, your iPhone or iPad could become more and more “weighed down” and a lot of useless data could end up in these “Documents and Data”. These "junk" file They not only take up valuable space, but also slow down the iPhone and iPad in its normal operation.

How to check how much space does “Documents and Data” take up on iPhone and iPad?

To understand how much space is occupied by the "Documents and data"Here's how to do it:

Phase 1. From your iPhone / iPad go to Settings> General> Usage

2 Phase. To check the space occupied by "Documents and data”From each application click on the application name. You should now be able to see the application's memory distribution.

How to free up space and Delete “Documents and Data” on iPhone and iPad?

Since each application stores data in its own private folder, there is no easy way to get rid of this unwanted data. There are however two ways to delete the "Documents and data" folder of iOS applications:
Method 1. Delete or uninstall the application from your iPhone. After Reinstall the application. However, this method could be very time-consuming.
Method 2. Use software like SafeEraser to delete "Documents and Data" in a simple and fast way.

How to Use dr.fone Erase to Erase Documents and Data on iPhone and iPad?

Dr. Phone Erase is a powerful software with many features inside. In addition to deleting (in a definitive way) data that you do not want to remain in the device memory, this tool also allows you to do a thorough cleaning of your iOS device and free up space on iPhone and iPad. To free up space on the iPhone and iPad, this program also deletes the files in the "Documents and Data"Of each application.

Download and install dr.fone Erase on your PC or Mac OS X:


After installation launch the program and connect your iPhone via USB to the computer.

After installing and opening the program, connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. The program will immediately detect the connected device (dr.Fone supports all iPhone models and versions, even the latest ones).

Step 1. From the dr.Fone home screen click on the "CLEAR"And a screen with various functions will open:

Select the option carry out the "Cleaning"Of your iPhone and delete the voice data"OTHER“. Click on SCAN ALL to start scanning all device memory.

Step 2. Click on START SCAN at the bottom to start scanning. At the end, a window will appear with the details of the memory occupied by the "eliminable" data

In the “App Generated Files” section you will be able to see how much space is occupied by the “Data and Documents” folders. Select this section and then click at the bottom right on "Cleaning"To proceed.

Step 3. At the end of the cleaning process the program will show how much space has been freed and is ready to be used for more important things!

or an iphone 3gs in which it is not possible to insert the simcard. I wanted to know if by connecting the Iphone to the PC with a cable, safe erazer works, or how can I do to make it work.
x Eg Do I have to install AITunes too?
Dv erase all data x sell it. or found a buyer, but I don't want to risk tracking my deleted data such as photos… .. old whatsapp chats …… videos etc ……………. and by not inserting the simcard I don't know how can I delete the data.
let me know as soon as possible to possibly buy safe eraser payment version …… ..Grz

  • No SIM needed. Just turn on the iPhone, connect it to the PC via USB cable and then through Safe Eraser you can do the deletion of all data permanently.
    ITunes must also be installed on the computer, otherwise Safe Eraser does not recognize the iPhone.

  • How can I reinstall WhatsApp ???

  • I deleted an app (facebook) and now I wanted to reinstall it just that it doesn't let me do it ... on the home screen I don't have it as an app but if I enter the settings and in particular in the data use ... I put manage space and the app is there but it lacks documents and data… so I can't install it again and if I put it, it doesn't let me do it… how can I recover it?

    • it happened to me too and I had to reset the phone

  • the program in question: do I have to download it to my phone or pc?

    • On the PC to then connect the phone to the computer and do the cleaning

  • using it in this way also deletes my photographs, how to avoid it?

    • with the cleaning of SafeEraser the photos are not deleted ...
      with the manual method instead you must not act on the Photo app

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