Compose your photo mosaic

Image mosaics are images made up of a multitude of images or photos, which once assembled form a completely different image. To be able to appreciate all the beauty and originality of this kind of creation, you have to be able to take a step back. It is therefore best to print them out.
Here is for example the kind of rendering that you will be able to obtain:
Compose your photo mosaic
Got a whole bunch of unused photos on your hard drive? Souvenirs that you may have forgotten, and that you want to dust off? Do not hesitate to revisit your photos and immortalize them in a very original way.

Here is our selection of free applications that will allow you to create these famous mosaics, and thus recycle your photos in a very creative way.


AndreaMosaic will allow you to create a mosaic from the photo thumbnails of your choice.
Its interface is not necessarily the most pleasant, the options are in English, but do not be afraid: its use is very simple, because only very few settings are important to obtain a rendering worthy of the name.
First, tell the software which images to use to create your mosaic (you can use the images available on the publisher's site if you don't have enough). Then indicate the desired width for your images, the number you want to use per row. Note that the smaller your "squares", the more they will be, and the more precise the result will be.
Finally, choose the image to reproduce and wait a little while the software generates the mosaic and displays it on your screen.

AndreMosaic can also create mosaics from films, extracting images at regular intervals. Thanks to this software, you will be able to obtain very fine and subtle adjustments!
Compose your photo mosaic

Patchwork Maker

Patchwork Maker allows you to modify the contrast, colors and opacity of images, to compose in advance the repetition or not of the images used, automatically detects and removes duplicates from your photos (very practical).
It also displays the estimated time remaining for processing the final render, and saves all your changes so you don't risk losing your settings.
You can choose the final quality of your creations, and adapt it to your needs.
Compose your photo mosaic


PhotoMosaic allows you to easily create a mosaic of small photos. Its interface is very minimalist, so very simple! It has very few options compared to its peers, but it is formidably effective. as for AndreaMosaic, you can take advantage of the image library, or import your own. Just click on the "create mosaic" button once you have chosen the image to display with your small squares, and you will get a result very close to reality. The final image is very large (3000x3000 px), but don't worry, you will be able to resize it, and even choose the size of your thumbnails. Compose your photo mosaic


Foto-Mosaik-Edda is also free, and also allows you to create these famous mosaics. Its use is very simple, it has an assistant which helps you during your creations.
First define a source folder so that the software will search for images, wait a bit for it to synchronize, click on "Create mosaic-picture", choose the rendering photo you want to obtain (the software will ask), the desired resolution (there is a very large choice of sizes).
The result obtained will be of high quality, ideal for printing, or display ... A new decoration idea? Maybe a nice personalized gift to give to your loved ones?
Compose your photo mosaic

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