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It has now become common language to say "clean computer" or "clean iPhone”But without referring to the cleaning of the device (from the hardware point of view) but referring to its own internal cleaning (in terms of data and files stored in the device itself). In fact, all technological devices, over time, tend to "get dirty" internally with files intuitive, superfluous data such as cookies, caches, log files, etc ...

All these "junk" files over time take up a lot of space in the internal memory and consequently degrade the performance of the device itself. In the case of the iPhone, just do a search on the net like "CLEAN IPHONE"To note that there are a lot of applications and software that promise to clean the device and remove all these useless files or permanently delete the data stored on the iPhone itself (useful deletion if you intend to give or resell the device to unknown).

Among all these software we want to point out two that we believe to be the best in the industry.

#1. dr.Fone (iPhone Data Cleaner)

dr.Fone Erase is a program that offers four different data removal modes: fast cleaning, private data deletion, deletion of all data, permanent deletion of already deleted (but still recoverable) data. The program can be downloaded on both Windows PC and Mac OSX:

Initial screen of the program after installation:

Click on the function CLEAR and connect your iPhone, via USB to the computer. You will see this screen:

By clicking on the icon "FREE SPACE”At the bottom left you can delete various junk files from the device (files that are no longer valid, temporary files, application caches, log files, etc…). This function is very useful both to free up space on the iPhone, and to optimize its performance and make it more "responsive".

After choosing the files to delete, simply click on the "Clean" button at the bottom right and the program will do the rest for you.

#2. iPhone Space Free UP

iPhone Space Free Up is another interesting “iPhone Cleaner” utility for PC and Mac that analyzes the iPhone memory and looks for all those useless files that take up memory space and slow down the system. After connecting the iPhone to the computer via USB, iPhone Space Free UP will immediately tell you how much memory is currently occupied by these junk files and you can proceed with cleaning by clicking on the green button FREE UP.

That's it! Clean iPhone it's a breeze thanks to these software!


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