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With Apple's iOS, the user always has the impression that he is limited in the use of his device. Compared to Android, iOS is certainly a more "closed" and controlled system, but over time they are also emerging applications for iOS that allow easier and more convenient management of your files.

On the software side for PC and Mac, the problem has already been addressed and solved by various software houses. Thanks to programs like dr.fone o TunesGO for example, the user is now able to connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer and freely transfer and manage any file or document on the device, as if it were any USB key or external disk (in this regard, read how to use iPhone as an external drive)

But what about side uses can be installed directly on the iPhone or iPad? There are apps "File Manager”For iPhones that allow you to manage and transfer files quickly and easily directly from the device?

The answer is affirmative and below we want to report the best file managers (file managers) for iPhone and iPad, to download and install directly on your iOS device.

#1. Documents by Readdle

Link App Store:

Ranked eighth in Apple's App Store in the Productivity category, this app is probably the most trusted and used third-party file manager app. With Documents you can watch your videos and set the video speed, you can annotate PDFs, you have access to all your Apple Music and iCloud library, and it allows you to read eBooks and share files between PC and Mac. It has a built-in FTP server which helps you to transfer files. So it's not just an app for managing documents, it's an app file manager per iphone that all iOS users should have, also because it is 100% FREE

#2. File Master

Link App Store:

File master offers users a simple and intuitive interface. Allows users to manage and find lost and forgotten passwords. It has a powerful music player that plays and supports avi, flv, rmvm, rm, mov, mp4, mp3, wma and m3u8 files. It also allows for background playback, so you don't have to have the app open to play your music files. It displays and plays video snapshots at the same time and has a privacy protection feature that allows you to password protect folders, documents and other files. You can hide and show folders, while it also has support for cloud storage.

# 3. File Hub Plus

Link App Store:

File Hub Plus is another file management tool for iPhone and iPad. It plays music and videos and offers users a slideshow feature for photos. You can copy, cut, paste, rename and move your files. The music player displays the artist's images and allows you to search and drag the bar on the timeline. Users can use it for transfer files via Wi-Fi and even import files from iCloud. For file managers to be competitive, they must offer ancillary features that go beyond just the ability to rename and delete files. File Hub has the right mix of that functionality.

#4. iExplorer Mobile

Link App Store:

iExplorer Mobile comes from the same manufacturers of the iExplorer desktop application for Mac. The app comes with a web page “downloader” that allows you to download web pages for offline reading. Users can record and edit voice memos and connect to a Mac to browse files. It can be used to create, edit and save text files and can stream music directly from Dropbox and create playlists.

#5. File App

Link App Store:

File App allows you to share images on social media. It also has a powerful function of wireless file transfer which takes into account situations that can prevent file transfers such as firewalls. His main concern is protect your data user, so the first thing it asks for when opening is the user's access code. It has a built-in image editor where users can create presentations. You can play music videos from the app, and it also allows for background playback. It also allows you to send multiple attachments as an email.


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